Matsuo Basho Moon Poems

  • 1.
    a cuckoo cries
    and through a thicket of bamboo
    the late moon shines

  • 2.
    Sleep on horseback,
    The far moon in a continuing dream,
    Steam of roasting tea.

  • 3.
    From time to time
    The clouds give rest
    To the moon beholders..

  • 4.
    Winter garden,
    the moon thinned to a thread,
    insects singing.

  • 5.
    A field of cotton--
    as if the moon
    had flowered.

  • 6.
    None is travelling
    Here along this way but I,
    This autumn evening.

  • 7.
    husking rice
    a child squints up
    to view the moon

  • 8.
    Staying at an inn
    where prostitutes are also sleeping--
    bush clover and the moon.

  • 9.
    The clouds come and go,
    providing a rest for all
    the moon viewers

Total 9 Moon Poems by Matsuo Basho

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