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For the Australian illustrator and political cartoonist, see Edward Ambrose Dyson. Edward Dyson in 1927Edward George Dyson (4 March 1865 – 22 August 1931) was an Australian journalist, poet, playwright and short story writer. He was the elder brother of illustrators Will Dyson and Ambrose Dyson.
Early life He was born a...
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Edward George Dyson Poems

  • Stop-and-see
    Iâ??M STEWING in a brick-built town;
    My coat is quite a stylish cut,
    And, morn and even, up and down,
    I travel in a common rut; ...
  • Hello, Soldier!
    Back again 'n' nothin' missin' barrin'
    arf a hand,
    Where an Abdul bit me, chokin' in the Holy
    Land. ...
  • The Young Lieutenant
    The young lieutenant's face was grey.
    As came the day.
    The watchers saw it lifting white
    And ghostlike from the pool of night. ...
  • The Unborn
    I see grim War, a bestial thing,
    with swinish tusks to tear;
    Upon his back the vampires cling,
    Thin vipers twine among his hair, ...
  • Repaired
    Hauled I was from out the tip
    Fritz made with his demonstration,
    All broke up, a fractured hip
    In me Darby Kell a rip ...
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  • Alex_buzz: edward teller: »i have no hope of clearing my conscience. the things we are working on are so terrible that no amount of protesting or fiddling with politics will save our souls.« [p. 109] george dyson, analogia
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