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Thomas Gent (1693–1778) was a printer and writer, born in Ireland, who spent most of his working life in York. He authored several works, mostly histories, but was financially unsuccessful.

His poetry and the woodcut illustrations in his publications are considered to be of a low standard, but his historical accounts, as well as details in his own autobiography are considered to be valuable historical resources.


Thomas Gent was born to parents of ordinary background. His father was an Englishman, and he was baptised a Presbyterian. His parents ensured he educated himself during his childhold, and in 1707 he began an apprenticeship with Stephen Powell, a printer of Dublin.Gent's apprenticeship was an unhappy one, and in 1710 he absconded, and st...
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Thomas Gent Poems

  • Lines, Written On Seeing The Children Of The Naval Asylum.[1]
    Sons of Renown! ye heirs of matchless fame,
    Whose Sires in Glory's path victorious fell;
    Adding new honors to the British name,
    That future ages shall with transport tell. ...
  • Mister Punch. (a Hasty Sketch.)
    Who stops the Minister of State,
    When hurrying to the Lords' debate?
    Who, spite of gravity beguiles,
    The solemn Bishop of his smiles? ...
  • To ******
    0 Nymph! with cheeks of roseate hue,
    Whose eyes are violets bath'd in dew,
    So liquid, languishing, and blue,
    How they bewitch me! ...
  • Sonnet. To A Lyre
    Friend of the lonely hour, from thy lov'd strain
    The magic pow'r of pleasure have I known:
    Awhile I lose remembrance of my pain,
    And seem to taste of joys that long had flown. ...
  • Sonnet. To Faith
    Hail! holy FAITH, on life's wide ocean toss'd,
    I see thee sit calm in thy beaten bark;
    As NOAH sat, throned in his high-borne ark,
    Secure and fearless while a world was lost! ...
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Sohamtownranger: soham town rangers: conroy chipps atkin thomas gent dickerson carden cahill hall hudson nicholls; subs: auger buckle sharman iron
Thomas_d_lee: it also has an indoor weather clock to show you which way the wind's blowing outside, which is still working. very useful for the victorian gent (or lady) who was trying to keep hold of their top hat.
Sar_gent: thomas partey, arsenal’s fulcrum.
Sohamtownranger: soham town rangers: conroy chipps nicholls thomas gent dickerson cahill hall rogers hudson chaffey; subs: carden auger atkin judge iron
Sohamtownranger: soham town rangers: conroy buckle dickerson thomas gent chipps cahill hall hudson sharman chaffey; subs: auger atkin judge nicholls
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