The Voice Of Spring Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I am coming I am comingA
Hark the honey bee is hummingA
See the lark is soaring highB
In the blue and sunny skyB
And the gnats are on the wingA
Wheeling round in airy ringA
Listen New born lambs are bleatingA
And the cawing rooks are meetingA
In the elms a noisy crowdC
All the birds are singing loudC
And the first white butterflyB
In the sunshine dances byB
Look around you look aroundD
Flowers in all the fields aboundD
Every running stream is brightE
All the orchard trees are whiteE
And each small and waving shootF
Promises sweet autumn fruitF

Mary Howitt


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itzayana : An example of imagery in this poem is

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