Written For My Son Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


When Athens was for Arts and Arms renown'dA
Olympic Wreaths uncommon Merit crown'dA
These slight Distinctions from the Learn'd and WiseB
Convey'd eternal Honour with the PrizeB
'Twas this the gen'rous Love of Fame inspir'dC
And Grecian Breasts with noblest Ardor fir'dC
For like Rewards like Judges we imploreD
Immortal Fame with Grecian Arts restoreD
Our growing Merit with Indulgence viewE
And sure you'll favour what distinguish'd youE
Leave Ignorance and Sloth to Scorn and ShameF
But crown the Worthy with immortal FameF
And Fame conferr'd by you can never failG
What Men have purchas'd they of Right entailG

Mary Barber


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