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RichardJMurphy: The Bank of England governor admitted yesterday there’s nothing he can do about the inflation we’re suffering but said he’d raise interest rates anyway. That’s rather like a barber surgeon diagnosing cancer and then amputating your leg as the only medical kit he’s got is a saw,

indyfromspace: I recently heard "Crypto is Mary Kay for men"

ImHirsty: I guarantee you there’s Baptists who have no problem with statues honoring Football greats, but a statue of Mary? That’s idolatry!

JP_Barber: A few pictures from this afternoon’s moving dedication of HEARTH: The Memorial to the Enslaved at William & Mary. At least 199 people were enslaved at the university from 1693-1865. Their names, if known, are engraved in the bricks of the memorial.

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RevDrBarber: WATCH: Bishop William J. Barber II preaching "If we believe in the resurrected Jesus, standing with the least of these is AUTOMATIC!"

xoxosjr: I smoked a shit ton of pot while studying for my barber tests and I’d like to thank miss Mary Jane for making me smart

SpokenWebCanada: Supported by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre’s “B.C. History Digitization Program,” the team has worked with the SFU Library to make this collection public. It features recordings of Mary Billy, Shani Mootoo, Fred Wah, the 1983 Women and Words Conference, and others.

NENbluejays: Congratulations to all of our scholarship recipients during yesterday’s assembly. Special thanks to GRM, Fire Protection, Student Council, CTA, John Barber Memorial, Alvin and Mary Luke Memorial and Kenny Dougan Memorial.

StreamingVideo_: Many seasons of the TV Series Full House are on sale today on iTunes for 19.99 Starring: John Stamos, Dave Coulier, Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Bob Saget, Lori Loughlin, Andrea Barber, Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit, Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit .

NonsenseIsland: An aria of Rossini’s “Barber of Seville” that shows up constantly in animation is “Largo al Factotum,” which introduces the Figaro character. Even the piece’s Wikipedia article credits the tune’s lasting legacy to its use in cartoons. Here are just a few iconic examples:

plainte_calme: At the barbershop today I heard the other barber mention something about “old school Catholics” that don’t wear deodorant “because they don’t want anything foreign in their body like birth control” and inevitably the “and I’ve only ever known them to pray to Mary”

_misterenigma: Him: “it’s this black girl at my job…” Barber: “…say less.”

linag0ldi1: how y’all have a barber for 4 years but can’t keep a girl for 2 months ..

qvrgss: guys stick to one barber but can’t stick to one girl? funny

MESHACFR: I’ll Cheat On St. Mary Before I Cheat On My Barber

BreadandRosesMO: Meet our Board Members! Mary Barber lends her expertise to our marketing efforts. She is the Principal of The Reputation Experts, LLC, and has strategic messaging expertise. Learn more about Mary and our other board members here!

danbureau: “We need a discussion about the benefits and opportunities related to fraternities and sororities’ promoting high-impact practices to enhance learning,” said Jim Barber, Senior Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Education at William & Mary.

eastathenspt: Mrs. Mary Barber is all smiles after finishing up PT for her shoulder. She rocked it! We will miss her sweet smile around here.

RevDrBarber: WATCH: Bishop William J. Barber II preaching "Reasons to Rejoice in the Resurrection"

david_m_wagner: 4/ Mary Costa. (Eleanor Steber ended up creating the part and doing the oc recording. Sena Jurinac did the EUR 1ere, at Salzburg.) Yeah I rly like VANESSA but I like Barber’s other opera ANTONY & CLEOPATRA even more - and guess what’s on he SiriusXM MetChannel wheel thus week!

shagirlmonsee: if my man wanted a haircut id simply buy him a whole barber shop, thats just me tho

mwendefrey: My talented girls❤️. I love you & appreciate your skills & commitment. Man's Chamber Barbershop staff .. Our kinyozi is next to that billboard at the back.... Amani - Shampoo girl Mary in the middle - Barber Ann - Masseuse 0768449431

theIadydockery: love grows - michelle dockery fancam fc edit lady mary crawley laurie barber letty raines kate woodcroft downton abbey defending jacob good behavior anatomy of a scandal

CatholicDad7: My current list: 1. Jewish Roots of the Eucharist- Pitre 2. Jewish Roots of Mary- Pitre 3. Case for Catholicism- Horn 4. Drama of Salvation- Akin 5. Paul, A New Covenant Jew- Pitre,Barber, Kinkaid 6. Pope Peter- Heschmeyer 7. Atonement- Stump

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theIadydockery: love grows - michelle dockery fancam fc edit lady mary crawley laurie barber letty raines

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BellevueLeader: Thomas, Beryl L. "Buzzard"September 4, 1948 - March 27, 2022Our Beloved Barber. Loving Husband, Father, and Grandfather. Preceded in death by his parents, Fred and Bessie Thomas. Survived by his loving wife of 44 years, Mary Lou; children, Ryan (Yesenia)…

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UCPLNC: As a pediatrician, Dr. Mary Lindsay-Barber has passionately served Union County children and their families for 25 years. Read more about Dr. Barber here:

evelcindy: don’t dm me if the barber gotta pump yo chair up

simondannatt: Yes, we are competitors from time to time, but credit where credit is due, this is good stuff. Thanks Mary Kyriakidi and Sleeping Barber Podcast. The Sound

MultCoLib: For this special event, Nicole & Kelly Johnson will talk about their family's business, Dean's Beauty Salon and Barbershop, Oregon's oldest African American salon. Hear the story of their grandmothers Mary Rose Dean & Gloria Ella Dean March 26 from 1-2pm.

mwendefrey: Here is our barber Mary, grooming up this sir ❤️.

mwendefrey: NO WOMEN allowed except staff! Anyway Kujeni Bypass Kwa mwende mnyolewe. Here's our barber Mary, grooming up a customer with a fade & beard trim. Mans Chamber tuko Bypass ya Kamakis

olivetcollege: OCs first graduating class in 1863 was comprised of three women: Sophia A. Keyes, Mary N. Barber and Sara Benedict. The College established the Women’s Leadership Institute Keyes-Barber-Benedict (KBB) Scholars Program. Learn more at

ocobadass: I met this woman and then she wanted to preach to me but I’m sure she just wants to roast me. She was telling me that during the olden days it was mad people that kept their hair like mine. I was saying in my head “is this woman Mary Magdalene because then times barber nodey....

mountosb: The first and second year Souljourners gathered in person this weekend at Sophia Spirituality Center, along with the program staff - including Sisters Mary Elizabeth Schweiger, Marcia Ziska, Susan Barber, Suzanne Fitzmaurice and more! It was great to welcome them back.

banefolk: Contemporary female folklorists: Clarissa Pinkola Estés Elizabeth Wayland Barber Jeana Jorgensen Kathryn Morgan Mallorie Vaudoise Mary-Grace Fahrun Sabina Magliocco Virginia Hamilton I can go on and on. The point is: read more female folklorists of all backgrounds. Do it.

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vintagestuff4: Chinese barber and client, Tianjin, China 1880s

The_QVDS: were received by Mr John Barber (Deputy Lieutenant of Greater London). The Prince of Wales this afternoon received the Governor-General of Canada (Her Excellency the Rt Hon. Mary Simon) and Mr Whit Fraser.

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MuseumThornbury: Shellys Cafe & Christophers Barber Shop St Mary St 2006

StevensonFdn: The Rotary Club of Alliston presented their third installment of a $50,000 pledge for Stevensons's redevelopment. Rotary President Patricia Middlebrook presented the $10,000 donation to SMHF CEO Mary Thomas and Rotarian and SMHF Director Marg Barber.

PureMinD__: Remember when I drank 6bottles of Black bullet while Pablo drank 7. Alfa our barber drank 4 and landed at County hospital. I slept for 3days, literally was unconscious. They said Pablo woke up the next day like nothing happened. Those days were crazy days of my life.

wcti12: April Barber has served 30 years for the murders of her grandparents when she was 15. Joshua McKay has served 20 years for the murder of Mary Catherine Young when he was 17. Anthony Willis has served 26 years for the murder at age 16 of Benjamin Miller.

RevDrBarber: Starbucks tried to send a message by firing workers who organized. And they did send send a message: they’re scared of workers who know their worth.

IvoHenrik: I would add the likes of Mary Barber rent strike /community leader in Glasgow in the ww1 ,fought warrant officers in closes . The Kurdish women's army units who fraught isis and the thousands of women who look after families .

historicwomens: Undated photo of Mary Elizabeth Barber, a pioneering British-born amateur scientist of the nineteenth century. Without formal education, she made a name for herself in botany, ornithology and entomology. She was also an accomplished poet.

JamesDBowie: My big takeaway from all of this, all of it, the bail, the protests, the breaches, Barber, Lich, King, is that as a society we don't have a way to make the police do their jobs in situations where the police agree with the criminals. Let's find a way to fix that.

msatyam345: "Even if you don't read women, women have always been reading." Image (L-R): 1. Woman Lying On A Bench by Carl Larsson, 1913 2. Blonde and brunette by Charles Burton Barber,1879 3. The Travelling Companions by Augustus Leopold Egg, 1862 4. Young Lady Reading by Mary Cassatt, 1878

Ejcohen17: After one rotation: Maryland: 49.325 NC State: 49.150 William & Mary: 48.200 Yale: 47.250 Audrey Barber did in fact do something really cool... but the Terps also scored their rotation-high, and the dropped score was 9.800. That's pretty good.

PenguinIndia: Image credits (L-R) 1. Woman Lying On A Bench by Carl Larsson (1913) 2. Blonde and brunette by Charles Burton Barber (1879) 3. The Travelling Companions by Augustus Leopold Egg (1862) 4. Young Lady Reading by Mary Cassatt (1878)

testudotimes: Maryland gymnastics defeated Temple, Southern Connecticut State University and Bridgeport in the Temple Quad Meet. The Terps advanced to 8-7 on the season and will next host Yale, William & Mary and NC State in the Maryland Quad.

SulubeynAppz: Bloody Marys Barber - BLOODY MARY\'S BARBERS LLC (Lifestyle)

deadinfantblind: left. on corner of Crystal Wood & Rivertree.... rt. "mail carrier"...."neighbor on rt. on Ricewood"/ barber/ Mary's restaurant / used to be "Angelo's" / El Pollo Loco before that. / Carlito' s chicken before that..../ the book store where we bought children books,->

WorkersRtsInst: This time of year in 1868 (2/23), WEB Du Bois was born in Massachusetts, the son of Mary Silvina Burghardt, a domestic worker, and Alfred Du Bois, a barber and itinerant laborer. 1/3

kennagq: If your name is moji and youre expecting $1200 from a barber in DC to pay legal fees to free up your inheritance I'm sorry it is not happening . I have talked him out of it. Go and learn JavaScript . Stop screaming

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KennethMcClamro: Barber-Scotia had multiple notable alumni. Mary Bethune, founder of the Bethune-Cookman University in 1904, & advisor to Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt went to the school. Katie Cannon, the first black woman ordained in the Presbyterian Church (USA), also graduated from the campus.

latelordchatham: Anyone know anything about John Burgh of Calcutta (half of Burgh & Barber), who may have died in 1793? I think Popham's wife may have been his ward. Certainly explains why they named their first child "Mary Burgh Popham"!

SafetyPinDaily: Schools in the South Are Failing to Teach Accurate Reconstruction History || By Benjamin Barber

AmarAmarasingam: Ottawa arrests: 1.Chris Barber: convoy organizer 2.Tamara Lich: fundraising organizer 3.Shane Marshall: PPC guy, arrested in Oct for throwing gravel at PM 4.Daniel Bulford: former RCMP/head of convoy security 5.Pat King: Wexit co-founder and current bozo And 65-70 others

glen_mcgregor: Protest organizer Chris Barber taken into police custody on Albert Street, in the last hour.

DavidWCochrane: Convoy organizer Tamara Lich was arrested Thursday evening by Ottawa police and also remains in police custody. Both she and Chris Barber - who was arrested earlier - are expected to be charged criminally, according to sources.

ikwilson: More arrests here in Ottawa. Two of the original organizers of the Freedom Convoy are now in jail. Tamara Lich and Chris Barber. Tamara told she is not afraid. Another dark day for Canada and our once-famed Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

TimeOutLondon: ✨There’s trouble in paradise Unless we’re totally misreading that surreptitious side-eye, there are some hints at a romantic involvement between Mary Talbot and director Jack Barber. And there’s no sign of Henry Talbot at all

bugvalentine: i need jack barber to be good to mary hugh dancy do not embarrass me

barber_fujimaki: Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige & Kendrick Lamar FULL Pepsi S...

Barber_Doll: Auntie Mary got that butt out

Barber_Doll: Auntie Mary outfit tooooo cute!!

nytimes: Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Mary J. Blige and 50 Cent delivered a Super Bowl halftime performance heavy on nostalgia and California pride. Eminem knelt and held his head as he finished "Lose Yourself."

LichfieldLore: The Dyott Chapel at St Mary's, below which generations of the famous Lichfield family were interred for centuries. The death of a Dyott was marked by a torchlit funeral procession through the city streets, accompanied by servants and labourers from the family's Freeford estate.

GoBMHSBombers: Ballard Memorial gets 12 points from Jamison Smith and 11 from Keaton Overstreet in their 52-47 loss to St Mary. Wilson 5 English 5 Birney 5 Duncan 4 Barber 3 Elrod 2

Colt_Barber: Death, taxes and Baylor opponents hitting Hail Mary’s at the end of the half.

AreYarKyaBatau: Cant trust a man who changes his barber everytime

JBeleckis: I had a great conversation with Chris Kimbrough about his roots as a barber, making students of color feel at home in Green Bay, the significance of a good haircut and most importantly -- his mom, Mary Ann

StMartinsPicker: In an Anglican wedding ceremony in Toronto on 9 August 1871, he married Mary Ann Casey, the 18-year-old daughter of a successful Black barber. Abbott and his wife moved to Chatham where he resumed his medical practice. They eventually had three daughters and two sons.

TheRandomHarley: Claws and Barber may be my second favorite to Mary and Red if not equal footing with Harley and Vin trailing close behind…

THCLofficial: My barber used both mouse and hairspray and now I look like I was on Something About Mary.

LudwigVonDrake8: TL: Tiki and Ronde Barber, Football Greats TR: The Grady Twins, Horror Icons BL: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Noted Television Twins BR: “Andy Pesto” and “Ollie Pesto” Poplopovich, Bob’s Burgers Hangers-On

raegldn: twitter/ig chefs bout to pot roast y’all to death now. where buddy with the black barber gloves at he finna go off

Sinatra_Jay: Reality Roundup: Tiki Barber on ‘RHONJ,’ Mary Cosby’s fate up in the air

CareCoreMary: We believe it's important to help our residents feel and look their best, and at CareCore at Mary Scott, we offer on-site beauty salon and barber services! Contact us or visit our website for more info!

DPelmore: Revels was home schooled by a local African American woman. The family moved to Lincolnton, North Carolina in 1838, and Revels trained and worked as a barber in the shop of his older brother, Elias. After Elias died in 1841, his wife, Mary, deeded the shop to Hiram,

PlatinumHipHop: According to The New York Post at the time, Barber began dating Johnson while he was still married to his first wife in 2012.

dunwoodybarbers: Reality Roundup: Tiki Barber on ‘RHONJ,’ Mary Cosby’s fate up in the air

gwcnsersi: laurie barber and mary crawled my nest milfs

allkpop: Park Bo Gum passes barber license exam in the military

renaramatj: Check out this photograph on

ItsJustJustin03: I had mary j juice today at the barber shop. It was pretty good and I think I’m feeling the effects of it now

hank_x_hilliams: Should’ve known the px barber was not the move, but I gambled that it would be better than a barracks cut and ended up walking around for an hour with a big blue glob of bullshit on my head like something about mary before I saw myself

renaramatj: Check out this photograph on

mary_pezzulo: I would pay good money to watch a reality show where Tiresome Trads have to LARP as Medieval peasants. Taylor Marshall attempts to build a Wattle-and-Daub house to survive the winter. The Gordon Brothers go to the barber for surgery.

stigmabase: TW : Meet Mary Amega Mensah the Ghanaian Female Barber Breaking Barriers in the Profession: Mary admits that achieving success as a female barber has not been devoid of challenges.Braving the oddsDespite the social stigma coupled with new clients…

SNewmanPodcast: So Thursday we recorded this and they had raised 500k ... only a few days later and it's in the millions. Where's all that trucker money going you ask.... "Left over money is being donated to Veteran Society's across Canada" - Chris Barber

its_Wesh_: Support hustle ya beshte yako, kama ni barber, nyolewa kwa kinyozi yake, the hate is less when the whole squad is winning.

facingsouth: "We don't need to speculate what a country without Roe looks like," write state Reps. Mary González of Texas and Mandie Landry of Louisiana. "Across the South, access to abortion care is already out of reach for so many."

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