Looking out of the window it was breezy
and windy
As I guess at the skies and nature
And I was lost in my own imagination of man and nature

Man's life is so unstable, Like the wind he lost control of himself when loose his mind
Like the wind he watches his life pass away in his own very awareness
Like an emptyness he wonders far and near, explore, fight and archive greatly but forgotten when he's gone
Like reality after a milenium he becomes the dust when he sleeps in death
Like an infant he becomes weak and powerless when he is down in health
Like a fool he watches his will taken away when he is poor
Like a dog he watches himself decieved and chain to a particular believe and oppress by a fellow man when he's ignorant
Like a goat led to the slaughter he watches the grave stares at him, knowing one day he shall be confined into it without his approval

But the endless will given to man is the only strength used by the wise to conquer
And those who conquer, their names shall be wretting in the streets and the walls of the living when they are gone
There are called the immotals
I am the immotal
You are the immotal