You don't have to tell me why you love me so.
Darling, when you hold my hand, I know that your love is real.

I may never understand the way you feel,
For I’ve never met a girl with love like yours before.

I don't know what makes you glow or what you see in me,
But I’m sure you care for me, you’ll always do.

There’s no cause for doubt or fear, I know that you're sincere.
Darling, I feel your love, so I don't need to ask.

I no longer live alone, you currently share my home.
You inspire the things I say and everything I do.

Even though I don't know why you love me so,
Xenia, you're the only girl I want to be in love with me.

You don't have to say a word to prove your love.
Darling, when you kiss my lips, I know that your love is real.