You Are Beautiful Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I have never told youA
your beautifulB
because you're notC
the markings on your knotC
are the scars that shadow your soulD
the position your heart liesE
could never be seenF
it makes it hard for it to beat with mineG
the fire in your apologetic eyesE
makes these tears hard to dryH
but beauty is not shapeI
it is the divine power created in everyoneJ
the sovereign peaceK
the painful mercyL
that pain you feel when ever am hurtM
that inforgetable kindnessN
that makes you giveO
give with a purpose to make a lifeP
give what you have for a livingQ
and you are created beautifulB
with light from your whelmR
that shines the universeS
describes the beauty in youA
not on youA
that love in your heartT
that pulls my heart on to youA
you're beautifulB

Malagala Umar
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 07/08/2019


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Amanda : Heart warming

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