The fortune teller from I can only do good and bad
with his last fortune cookie
the only on the right
telling me to keep loving my self
teaching me to be what my mind thinks I could be
told me never to open the last cookie
that what's written on it
indicates how I could die
indicates how this could be my last poem
he said son
you have a cursed fate
what you fear most is what haunts you
I said papa
why should I fear death
if death is am not
if I am death is not
why should I fear that who
cannot exist when I do
he said death is not what haunts you
you're haunted by love
by the human spirit you have
to the works of the world you seem brave
in front of your mother you behave
think about how they pay you back
think of your first love
what happened to the happily forever after
you said you'd have
before you think about that last poem
for once at least love yourself