Malagala Umar I Love You Poems

  • 1.
    you inspire eagles
    to open their wings
    and soar the skies
    to allow the free flow of the winds
  • 2.
    my love
    I have not abandoned you
    I'm gathering strength
    to wing you up with me
  • 3.
    you lead on me
    you made me believe you love me
    you said you love me countlessly
    with intentions of hurting me
  • 4.
    true love is yours too
    including my passions and wants
    I'm going to make you a woman
    a fulfilled and happy woman
  • 5.
    They doubt the light in their eyes
    and well the fire in their hearts
    that fire holds em from falling
    and gives em hope to keep fighting
  • 6.
    I have never told you
    your beautiful
    because you're not
    the markings on your knot
  • 7.
    i could never believe that one day i could fall
    from our tower down and roll
    Tina i worked hard never dwell
    but this sky is a jungle
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