Louise Gluck Away Poems

  • 1.
    Little soul, little perpetually undressed one,
    Do now as I bid you, climb
    The shelf-like branches of the spruce tree;
    Wait at the top, attentive, like
  • 2.
    One summer she goes into the field as usual
    stopping for a bit at the pool where she often
    looks at herself, to see
    if she detects any changes. She sees
  • 3.
    I became a criminal when I fell in love.
    Before that I was a waitress.

    I didn't want to go to Chicago with you.
  • 4.
    Night covers the pond with its wing.
    Under the ringed moon I can make out
    your face swimming among minnows and the small
    echoing stars. In the night air
  • 5.
    In the empty field, in the morning,
    the body waits to be claimed.
    The spirit sits beside it, on a small rock--
    nothing comes to give it form again.
  • 6.
    The great man turns his back on the island.
    Now he will not die in paradise
    nor hear again
    the lutes of paradise among the olive trees,
  • 7.
    When I made you, I loved you.
    Now I pity you.

    I gave you all you needed:
  • 8.
    I'll tell you something: every day
    people are dying. And that's just the beginning.
    Every day, in funeral homes, new widows are born,
    new orphans. They sit with their hands folded,
  • 9.
    In our family, there were two saints,
    my aunt and my grandmother.
    But their lives were different.

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