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  • At The Executed Murderer's Grave
    Why should we do this? What good is it to us? Above all,
    how can we do such a thing? How can it possibly be done?

    --Freud ...
  • To A Blossoming Pear Tree
    Beautiful natural blossoms,
    Pure delicate body,
    You stand without trembling.
    Little mist of fallen starlight, ...
  • A Blessing
    Just off the highway to Rochester, Minnesota,
    Twilight bounds softly forth on the grass.
    And the eyes of those two Indian ponies
    Darken with kindness. ...
  • The Jewel
    There is this cave
    In the air behind my body
    That nobody is going to touch:
    A cloister, a silence ...
  • The Secret Of Light
    I am sitting contented and alone in a little park near the Palazzo Scaligere in Verona, glimpsing the mists of early autumn as they shift and fade among the pines and city battlements on the hills above the river Adige.

    The river has recovered from this morning's rainfall. It is now restoring to its shapely body its own secret light, a color of faintly cloudy green and pearl.
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  • Garycp70: thanks, barbara. while i didn't get a chance to serve in afghanistan, in 2010 i was the casualty assistance officer (cao) for the mother who's son was killed by an ied. spc kyle james wright, 22, kia january 13, 2010. buried in arlington, sec 60, plot 8862. my heart breaks.
  • Valerienuzzo: 1/3 saint judas - by james arlington wright when i went out to kill myself, i caught a pack of hoodlums beating up a man. running to spare his suffering, i forgot my name, my number, how my day began, how soldiers milled around the garden stone and sang amusing songs;
  • Vp: doug and i send our condolences and prayers to susan and the wright family on the passing of congressman ron wright, a longtime public servant representing the people of arlington, texas. covid has taken far too many from us.
  • Jj56123: james arlington wright (december 13, 1927 – march 25, 1980) was an american poet. "poetry can keep life itself alive. you can endure almost anything as long as you can sing about it." ♥️ precisely.
  • Jdecampphoto: happy anniversary mara & patrick wright photographed at the blackwell, ohio statehouse and the upper arlington lutheran church. (© james d. decamp |
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