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  • Licia Sonnets 35
    Whenas I wish, fair Licia, for a kiss
    From those sweet lips where rose and lilies strive,
    Straight do mine eyes repine at such a bliss,
    And seek my lips thereof for to deprive; ...
  • Licia Sonnets 46
    If he be dead, in whom no heart remains,
    Or lifeless be in whom no life is found;
    If he do pine that never comfort gains,
    And be distressed that hath his deadly wound; ...
  • Licia Sonnets 50
    Ah Licia, sigh and say thou art my own;
    Nay, be my own, as you full oft have said.
    So shall your truth unto the world be known,
    And I resolved where now I am afraid. ...
  • To Love
    If, Cupid, Heaven is your home, you
    are the child of Venus, Nectar and
    Ambrosia are your food, then why
    do you spend days and nights with ...
  • Licia Sonnets 26
    I live, sweet love, whereas the gentle wind
    Murmurs with sport in midst of thickest boughs,
    Where loving woodbine doth the harbor bind,
    And chirping birds do echo forth my vows; ...
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