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MizCazorla1: Fulanis with no sea are controlling NPA.Fulanis with no single barrel of crude oil are controlling the NNPC. Fulanis who occupy the poorest region in Nigeria are the ones controlling the taxes.Any society where the minority rules the majority, it is an apartheid system of govt.

Sapphoooooooooo: Please Sykkuno reopen your PO box someone's gonna send you black artsy big round blue-light glasses someone maybe me


PO_DF: SITA’s 2020 Air Transport IT Insights shows three majors trends : an accelerated investment in automated passenger processing focusing on touchless and mobile services, a strong focus on virtual and remote IT services that allowed…

TardellisScream: Chong Li v Tong Po. Who wins?

lakesfootankle: Itchy feet may stem from a number of causes, including excessive moisture, dry skin, or bacterial or fungal infection. At Lakes Foot and Ankle Associates, we offer two products to manage your itchy feet. 1.) FORTINIA® Antifungal Po…

Mary123Cappa: Check out Gourmet hot cocoa po… on Mercari! Check out what I just listed on Mercari. Tap the link to sign up and get up to $30 off.

sharonsyg98: dating news here to cover bu ll ying news and other sk po li tical news

AustinNwabufo: LIE MOHAMMED to build UNIVERSITY of LYING in Kwara STATE with postgraduate faculties in Falsehoods and Deceits, the more we look the less we see, Tinubu n Oshiomhole already appointed visiting Profs.

HowardJAG: In January 2021, 83,000 more people were in payrolled employment when compared with December 2020. The UK employment rate, in the three months to December 2020, was estimated at 75.0%, 1.5 percentage points lower than a year earlier and 0.3 percentage po…

_1Simha: cant be po tryna smoke li nigga

li_clabe: What’s your zodiac sign — Capricorn po☺️☺️

JohnRitterIII: AMETEK Solidstate Controls is a recognized global leader in the manufacturing of industrial power equipment. The equipment provides the continuity of electrical power to businesses by designing industrial UPS systems, inverters, po…

blckluxs: dont judge tanto po li do lo stesso chill

ybmtnt: Azimut Yachts Caribbean Limited PO Box 6195 Santa Cruz, Trinidad TT Phone: 1-868-680-4116 (Voice & WhatsApp) TT Phone: 1-868-354-6140 US Phone: 1-786-340-7169 (Voice & WhatsApp) Web Site:

PAPPYKOJO: Sarkodie is handsome

kwadwosheldon: Rings

PoemHeaven: my expectations destroyed me.

SilverJBabe: The birds have vanished into the sky, and now the last cloud drains away. We sit together, the mountain and I, until only the mountain remains. - Li Po

CPhillipsPoet: From deep in the vault! FWIW this is kind of my mashup of Li Po and Cavafy...

Po_li_cap_: my youth wish way,make we art again,my condition don tire.

teccasdreads: Carti even did the “PO” sound effect

fixedstarhalo: Li Po breathing in the moon.

Po_li_cap_: this uprising will bring out the beast in us

Po_li_cap_: since we should protect ourselves by ourselves,i need this please,dealer should dm me please

EfaAishe: “How is the Sunday”? Po 8? Nyee vamwe shapo ohamu li ovanhu.

lurkliketaro: Li po always had the funniest characters

CarreLsOFC: URGENT ‼️‼️ pa - retweet po!! Thank you ☺️ Contact number : 09651388682 and 09357865545

_Lyricaljoe: Boss if you Dey cook you nor for Dey talk Chao El’s you go spit for the food inside

WantaghLI: Free Wantagh Decals! Show your community pride & win prizes if we spot you with a decal on your car, bike, skateboard or anything! Mail a SASE to

JamesVisionMobi: "Over the next nine years, electric cars could supercharge the way we drive. There is clearly a desire from drivers to own them. EVs will play a significant role in the future." I'm not a big fan of asking consumers with a Gen po…

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METALMOOSERADIO: Metal Coffee PR / Metal Moose Radio / MetalHeads Forever /Dark Art Conspiracy / The Metal Mag / Keyline Magazine / The Metal Times PO Box 5401 Edmond, Ok 73083

jmolloyrealtor: Compass Cares is moving fast to activate immediate relief efforts to support our Texas communities in Austin, Dallas & Houston. Your donation will help the following organizations providing relief to the people in Texas affected by the winter storm and po…

Po_li_cap_: them enter my village kill 7 now, investigation is still going on,no wahala sha.

gabsssf_: they just be fckn ov po li meg

MobBossCulture: LI PO AND THE WATER ORACLE It is hard here Drops of aether Through a filter of skin Each life blood red Blooms in the snow

Kvngobi: Women with big booßś Deserve Unlimited Credit Alerts.

ameyaw112: Oh oh this is too much ! Aden?

cookingviewcom: The Legendary Braised Pork Belly Recipe (Dong Po Rou), CiCi Li - Asian Home Cooking Recipes - Cooking View -

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RedMufflerMan: Me: Aight it day -58, all this talk about top tier Po might be jumping the gun a li- Potemkin: *Wavedashes Behind You*

eldaveccs: - Bruce Lee - Chuck Norris - Tong Po - Leroy Green - Sho'nuff - Chong Li

pakhead: Amazing photo of protesters at Bagan

paraparazi: Are we going to tell them about Li Po who is not a mythology character but I am the Jibril a.s who went to the Malacca and seek Li Po approval in the paradise to be with her and then be together with what Li Po like to be with in the Paradise as the Eastern people with a

paraparazi: The Female is not about the Li Po . The Female in the Politician scene is not Josephine Teo . The Female in the Politician scene is not Amy Kok either . It was a Female with the name of Passed away with the Chapter of 60 who went to become the Greatest together with me and Li Po

paraparazi: in the Paradise . The Li Po is the passed away in the Paradise as the person who went away with me to the Paradise as the Jibril a.s In Malacca we met and we assumed she will be remembered in the future as the one of the most passed away with beautiful face ever in the form of

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KlarkashT: Po Lung, having received the money left by his brother from the sale of the last painting, was enabled to finish his education; and the willow landscape, which had been found hanging on the wall of Shih Liang's abode, was duly claimed by the Mandarin Mung Li, its purchaser.

jimhilbert: Excited to be named a leader in the IDC Cloud-Enabled Supplier Relationship Management Marketscape. SourceDay only focus since day one has been to tackle the most complex part of business spend, and that's direct spend for PO and AP with supplier collabo…

havehope2030: 26 Feb 2021: Project Me with Dr Po Li Tan

DealorsCom: Get Your Exclusive Deals At Dealors! Potensic T25 Original Battery Modular 3.7V 1000mAh Li-po Battery

philipwi: I loved this article in the WSJ this weekend. Over four hundred years ago Shakespeare was able to bring to life these characters that in the complexity of their personalities illuminate the villainy of prejudice and persecution. It…

mkimdorman: Across the empty hills in the deep woods comes a man's voice the green moss there -Li Po (tr. by William Carlos Williams)

crushi: Liked on YouTube: The Best Braised Pork Belly Recipe (Dong Po Rou), CiCi Li - Asian Home Cooking Recipes

li_soonwoohan: HAPPY VALENTINES PO

dhmspector: re·al·po·li·tik /rāˈälpōliˌtēk/ noun 1a system of politics or principles based on practical rather than moral or ideological considerations. Until Democrats understand that the GOP plays to win all costs they’ll always lose battles even though they have the moral high ground.

TonyCraddock: I'm tempted to apply for this job myself. But I work here already. It's to engage with the Emerging Payments Association's Advisory Board, project teams, industry stakeholders and me to help us raise our policy game. Please forward to anyone who's into po…

MansPajamas: Mr. Cuomo dom­i­nates New York state pol­i­tics, and he dis­misses crit­ics and punishes op­po­nents with­out chal­lenge. Re­pub­li­cans are a rump mi­nor­ity in the Legislature in what has become a one-party state, like Cal­i­for­nia and Illi­nois.

ItumelengRachy: LI VE R PO OL.

kngdvdtgc: Happy Valentine’s Day❤️ Bawal po magdrama, only express what’s in your heart and cry a li’l bit HAHAHAHA edi nagdrama din. Godbless everyone.....

SE4LEN4: Anyway, there was an earthquake in Japan. Not sure which location but this is obviously massive. I pray for everyone’s safety. Let’s be more understanding!

kenspellman: Future x Drake f./ DaBaby & Li - Life Is Good - Remix (PO Intro

SympLySimi: I used to be so hopeful for Nigeria, but now, just driving on the streets gives me anxiety. Seeing police officers with guns gives me anxiety. Someone suddenly walking up to me gives me anxiety. Hate it here.

Po_li_cap_: he dey shock me say people when they oppress us for this country nor many reach us,oga police last coper your family dey okay? your oga when you wan kill for,where he children dey?,where your own dey? why you dey behave like say dem comot your brain?

dino_melaye: I organized this protest then in 2015. Buhari and co physically participated. Now same Buhari is stoping protest. Those who make peaceful protest impossible make violent protest inevitable. Think!!! SDM

davido: Your excellency my nyansh !!!

angelicfaeiry: off to sleep

sklutecase: if you drank the Chinese whiskey at Li Po Lounge don’t worry about what’s in the vaccine

stillawake: The birds have vanished from the sky. Now the last clouds drain away. We sit together, the mountain and me, until only the mountain remains. - Li Po

msgcpa: Thank you to those that have reached out to express appreciation of our recent podcast, Bankruptcy Issues During COVID. Special shout out to legal industry influencer Jeremy E. Poock, Esq. of Senior Attorney Match for his kind words. New episodes are po…

bettyaberlin: "I'm not too adept at it neither." - Michael van der Veen, aka po' li'l' ting.

LanoukArts: All the birds have flown up and gone; A lonely cloud floats leisurely by. We never tire of looking at each other - Only the mountain and I. - Li Po. Alone Looking at the Mountain

DACflash: Asy­lum is le­gal pro­tec­tion any­one can seek when flee­ing po­lit­i­cal, re­li­gious or other per­se­cu­tion in home countries cross­ing the bor­der with­out per­mis­sion is il­le­gal U.S. law al­lows for­eign­ers to ap­ply for asy­lum no mat­ter how they en­tered USA Crazy!

lamarlofton: Problem and Solutions I promote a planned problem-based presentation to uncover a prospect's Problem. This is the reason it’s crucial to present ideas in a logical sequence of one thought leading to the next. It creates the effect of all ideas being po…

lucy_wikibot: song, he entered the Guinness World Records for the fastest-selling digital track in China.Xiao Zhan also starred in The Wolf (TV series) alongside Darren Wang and Li Qin and the series was released on Tencent Video, iQiyi, and Youku on 19 November 2020. The series topped the po

Ananya_pani: A delightful moment making the Valentine week so special Linkedin makes my post on PO vs BA as a post with top 1% engagement

Po_li_cap_: it us so sad that black man,and it's way of life us pushing generation away,to other part of the world,and they are happy they left Africa,one day even your kids will be cut in this web,keep on spoiling till there is no home, heartless demon.

The_Florentyna: Nigerian immigration authorities and FAAN really need to talk to their staff about begging so damn much. Aren’t they getting paid? It’s beyond embarrassing.

sam_adeyemi: Don’t spend all your income because it’s not enough. I’ve been there. The 5% or 10% you keep changes you and gives you a little control over the future. Nature teaches us to keep seeds from our harvest. Besides, many went broke few days into the lockdown because of no savings.

ITALKAE: "I Swear before the Almighty Jah, to give you the Roots, the whole Roots, and nothing but Reggae Roots! So help I Jah".....Tonight, 11pm CT / 5am GMT (UK time) on Ital Rhythms, KDHX 88-1fm in St. Louis, online

clusternz: Leadership

xujnx: Before my bed there is bright moonlight So that it seems Like frost on the ground: Lifting my head I watch the bright moon, Lowering my head I dream that I'm home. Li Po (Arthur Cooper trans.) Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

dramjadshamim: Postgraduate degree through open distance learning DO you want to obtain a postgraduate degree without having to put your career on hold? Are you in middle management and have set your sights on promotion but lack the requisite po…

Luxwantsd3th: you ever just.. Li po

kenspellman: Future x Drake f./ DaBaby & Li - Life Is Good - Remix (PO Intro

DealorsCom: Get Your Exclusive Deals At Dealors! Poco M3 Unlocked Cell Phone | OS Android 10,Qualcomm SM6115 Snapdragon | 662Battery Li-Po 6000 mAh | Dual SIM | GSM - International Version | (Yellow, 64)

Po_li_cap_: affordable price, interested persons should dm


EmmaTateHitchin: Sharing on behalf of Yolanda Rugg who would be grateful if you would contribute to her Employee Health and Well-being research survey. Please find a few minutes to complete & if possible share with your network to help Yolanda reach as wider network as po…

Po_li_cy: He Dey give bars pass

JColeDaily5: J. Cole Performing “Ville Mentality”

AmgMedikal: Most of y’all upcoming rappers are trapped within the mindset of impressing and competition. You will always get the applauds and cheer critics but due to lack of uniqueness, your shit will be stuck in your ass.

AmgMedikal: Rule No:2 Never bite the hand that feeds you, gratitude is a must !

kwadwosheldon: Oh me I'm calm

AmgMedikal: Rule NO:3 Always remember to Forget Everybody !

mentalfloss: A kickstarter for AA/AAA/18650 Li-Po (not Li-ON) batteries that have USB-C ports for recharging. Li-Po batteries charge in 2 hours and "Li-Po batteries’ life cycle is about 10 years with 1200 charge cycles." This would be attractive if I used these kin…

kenspellman: Future x Drake f./ DaBaby & Li - Life Is Good - Remix (PO Intro

BroadridgeC: NEW “Reimagining Communications” Podcast

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