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ctskatecrew: "very little is known about the life of li po ... he was praised as 'fallen immortal' or 'banished fairy'" i aspire to be this dude

SA_Gafoor: There is a port town called krishnapatnam near Nellore town in Andhra Pradesh. One ayurvedic doctor giving free medicine for covid positive cases. positive patients becoming negative within 2 or 3 days. krishnapatnam is a 15,000 po…

ohjoyceeeee: Hi everyone ^^ pls help me po through like and rt pls thankies I really want to have dftf album thank u for your kindness ^^

alvinelchico: Advisory FLYING V will implement Price Movement for the following products on MAY 18, 2021, Tuesday at 6:00 AM: Gasoline P0.20/li rollback Biodiesel P0.20/li increase Kerosene No Movement Thank you po.

its_notu_its_me: BennBridge, a multi-boutique investment firm, uses the integrated platform of Broadridge buy-side portfolio management and FundApps compliance to automate key elements of their shareholding disclosure process. Learn more:

kei_artistry: The way my mom use to force me to drink this with Po lay bouyi in it?!! , li gen rezon l

newsasia360: SNAPTAIN SP500 GPS Drone Battery 7.4V 1000mAh Modular Rechargeable Li-po Battery (2 Piece) with 2 Charging Cables SP500 GPS Foldable FPV WiFi Drone

crocfetish: i went to li po earlier which is the oldest bar in sf chinatown (almost 100 yrs old) and it was very cool because i remember watching anthony bourdain talk abt it and i always wanted to go and man something abt it just hugged my heart

crocfetish: i always love going to historic bars especially ones that had a particular impact in the culture of the area and li po was definitely one of those landmark bars and it was so cool to finally go

abztah_skz: Wt/t Have: kapatid (pros: can drive you anywhere, also a fan of kpop / cons: ma attitude, mas maarte pa siguro sayo) Want: Yonjen IA/Y PO/B or Mi/roh Li/m

tommy_viccetti: At 23 I’ve built a penthouse, owned my own private jet , had an executive meeting with Obama in the White House, built 3 community hospitals and bought my 3rd car. Since all of us want to be mad.

Po_li_cap_: The only light

Po_li_cap_: they been faking it letting you feel you gotten nothing,stay on your focus,you will get what you desire in time,continue to put in work..

ayodele_aro: "Don't like cops that's a po-li-cey"

BroadridgeC: Asset Managers, a strategic approach to advisor engagement is multifaceted and requires a deeper grasp of performance patterns - that only data can reveal. Learn how in our new playbook.

KarithFoster: Karim Bukhadurov interviewed FRAME as part of their '

clusternz: A Moment in Time Poem

Po_li_cap_: So no paper to print international passport,so they wan use idea ruin person for this country?

aproko_doctor: Count your own blessings. The ones on your plate. Don't lose out on happiness because you're focusing on what's going on in another person's life.

boy_director: Poverty blinds you from every other struggle until you over come it. over coming poverty is just a first level to life actual issues

revillgroup: Get PooPrints Canada’s Dog DNA Registration and open your doors to Responsible Pet Parents. Visit

Teahq: Do the words “Pura Vida” mean anything to you? Like Lance Ramirez, I love travel! Lance is as a Renewals Manager for Service Providers with the Cisco Cx Team. Find out how he finds a meaning for 'Pura Vida' while living in sunny Po…

MadPowerBomber: He was doing Tong Po stuff early in WWE and he just did Chong Li's little gimmick from Bloodsport.

avoucadoes: I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MY BEAUTIFUL LADY SUN ANKE AS MY FAV WOMAN, Miss Chen from Sha Po Lang and uhuk, Tan Jianci, Chen Zheyuan and Li Hongyi also Song Jiyang as my beautiful lady Chao Chunhua.

chaordicpilot: The findings from this research indicate that given the heightened control risks, internal auditors may be more relevant than ever. Through prioritisation and realignment with stakeholders’ needs, auditors should be in a strong po…

MTKH4N: Since we are obsessed with regulations and increasingly concerned about further regulating the economy where documentation is for the sole purpose of either raising the tax net or increasing collections, all of this is very much po…

YunusaMcFc: Idc who get to see this, but had it been Nigerians are more confidential and unit just as they're on social medias, I swear this country would have been far better than this.

Ananya_pani: BA vs PO ROLE - DEMESTIFYING THE ROLES, TASKS AND RESPONSIBILITIES Agile projects, due to the short cycles of delivery, require a collaborative team, substantial leadership support, and a robust, agile culture to be in place to be called as working and su…

apppro1: BoAML om $NIO "NIO Key takeaways from investor conference call Maintain Rating: BUY | PO: 60.00 USD | Price: 34.33 USD Aim to maintain healthy margin in the long term" Look at those margins!!! WOW $ts;a $chpt $LI $fsr $gm $f

shen: Battery design is more than just function, but having a li-ion battery on your head meant we put a lot of effort in its chemistry to make it SAFE. Li-po-Gel chemistry (instead of liquid) is swelling & leak resistant. A metal chassis & graphite pad keeps it impact resistant & cool

stefanoa99: Un po’ li capisco… Swiss police have arrested 12 people for speeding around Zurich at nearly 300 km/h and holding "various illegal races" on public roads.

ImproveAccent: Stressful word family 3 includes words relating to "policy": PO-licy, PO-litics, po-LI-ticise, poli-TI-cian

Po_li_cap_: If only when they need you is at their convenience,make sure you are not available.

PandCinsurance: Another illuminating report on Auto Insurance trends by LexisNexis Risk Solutions Insurance. Kudos to Adam Pichon and his team. The report looks at how consumer behavior and carrier business practices tied to the auto insurance po…

Po_li_cap_: Put all of us in jail,we can not feed ourselves anymore and we can not allow our parents to feed us.

Po_li_cap_: Na who nor bribe dem dey show he face for news.

PoemHeaven: i’m so proud of you.

JeffAltmanCoach: I'm A Creative. Can My LinkedIn Profile Picture Look Casual? | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

JohnDyerPI: What an honor to get an invite to sit in on Paul Critchley's lean podcast. I enjoyed the experience and the time flew by. Paul does a great job making his guests feel welcomed and keeps the conversation flowing. I hope you enjoy our discussion! Link to Po…


ribbozi: realized i called po’s goose dad by the wrong name he’s mr ping omg i called him li shan thats po’s biological dad’s name

BirdySuzy: Listening to a Flute in Yellow Crane Pavillion by Li Po I came here a wanderer thinking of home, remembering my far away Ch'ang-an And then, from deep in Yellow Crane Pavillion I heard a beautiful bamboo flute play "Falling Plum Blossoms" It was late spring in a city by the river

VectorThaViper: If you really believe i Ogunmefun Olanrewaju will mock pastor Adeboye because he lost his son, you are a fool.

burnaboy: OUTSIDER

Po_li_cap_: to my 19 followers abeg join force with her

Po_li_cap_: yesterday was reflection day and the whole board of directors,inside and outside me,made me to smile,cause the future is clear and bright.

funniprince: When the wifi password is too long Kindly retweet

EduEle5: Hustling for my urgent 2k If you see me squeeze money enter my hand. Street tough die.

_d4ndeli0n: sai quando i Milky Chance dicevano ✨Coldest winter for me No sun is shining anymore The only thing I feel is pain Caused by absence of you Suspense is controlling my mind I cannot find the way out of here I want you by my side So that I never feel alone again✨ un po’ li capivo

Po_li_cap_: happy birthday

nooil4pacifists: Elise Stefanik embraces GOP’s pro-Trump wing in leadership campaign “Ste­fanik is not a con­ser­v­a­tive and is a poor choice for a po­si­tion in Re­pub­li­can lead­er­ship,” said David McIn­tosh, pres­i­dent of Club for Growth, in a state­ment Thurs­day.

isabell_po: i am god /li

QEDTidalEnergy: Really great to see the successfull FATs, and especially the brake testing, after refurbishment. This Tocardo T2 turbine was last used at EMEC on the FTS. Can't wait to see how it performs when T0012 is swapped for T009 at OTP. The major upgrade to the po…

B_Malowa: Many gave up on the idea of Kenya as a nation, in 2017. I am no longer judgemental at those apathetic; the state & it's owners are tactful. A change gonna come. Just not how we think. A new Kenya is a "long game." Think strategically (

ShehuSani: It’s sad that two decades after the restoration of democracy,we are still talking about or afraid of Coup.The FG should concentrate in rescuing our people from the hands of terrorists & end this daily carnage & sorrow;And all these genuine & ghostly fears of Putsch will fade.

YulEdochie: When will humans have sense? When? Those days, at the mention of the name ‘Abacha’, people trembled with fear. Where is he today? And life is still moving on. Let’s spread love, peace & happiness. Stop the hate, stop the violence & wickedness. NONE OF US WILL BE HERE FOREVER.

timidakolo: Be careful out there, manipulation feels like love too.

wwaycorrigan: 'While the more "visible" problem of police brutality is now driving the protests, the broader issue here is — and always has been — inequality in all its manifestations. For that, there is no quick-fix solution.' Read the blog po…

TFSwitz1: "Seeing moonlight here at my bed, and thinking it’s frost on the ground, I look up, gaze at the mountain moon, then back, dreaming of my old home." Li Po

maikchido: Hurts like Heaven Hurts like Heave Hurts like Heav Hurts like Hea Hurts like He Hurts like H Hurts like Hurts lik Hurts li Hurts l Hurts Hurt Hur Hu H Hi Hig High Highe Higher Higher P Higher Po Higher Pow Higher Powe Higher Power

alvinlu: Translation not normally my thing, but this was one that came out okay

Ollie_Otto: Read about the seven essential actions to navigate the changing landscape of asset management distribution in this new playbook.

1200SRQ: pardon me i been akin li po

Hareshraichura: "In the absence of proper and real litigation, what are the skills that I need to inculcate me to become a good lawyer post pandemic?"- a law student asked. I have seen profiles of law students who describe their skills of Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Po…

apppro1: Worldwide EXPANSION begins and begins FAST $NIO Key takeaways from NIO’s business strategies in Norway Maintain Rating: BUY | PO: 60.00 USD | Price: 37.71 USD Norway to be the first overseas market $TSLA $LI $GM $F

apppro1: $NIO Worldwide EXPANSION begins and begins FAST $NIO Key takeaways from NIO’s business strategies in Norway Maintain Rating: BUY | PO: 60.00 USD | Price: 37.71 USD Norway to be the first overseas market $TSLA $LI $GM $F


jshehan: RuckCast The RUCKUS education team from CommScope brings you interesting topics with a wide range of guests to sit down and discuss all things that make up the product portfolio. We'll discuss topics including products from our po…

newsasia360: SNAPTAIN A10 Mini Drone Battery 3.7V 380mAh Modular Rechargeable Li-po Battery (2 Piece) with 2 in 1 Charging Cables for SNAPTAIN A10 Foldable FPV WiFi Drone (Blue)

hanseckman: Scrum continues to limit and destroy the Product Owner role. I commend Ann for helping address the different focus for the PO vs BA roles, but I think this continues to perpetuate the myth that the Product Owner is the steward of t…

media_maple: Dreamworks edition: 16. Po 17. LI 18. Tai Lung 19. Sid (flushed away)

jpmdasilva: "Bom dia" is good morning in Portuguese. I discovered that today is the World Portuguese language day, spoken by 265 million persons spread in 4 continents. It is the most widely spoken language in the southern hemisphere. Being Po…

SQLBrethen: I had no business being in America. I was a street hawker in Badagry from a relatively poor family. Without that lottery win, I’ll probably still be roaming Badagry, Okoko, and Ojo as a hawker. I commend those who succeed in Nigeria, in America success is a bit easier.

Po_li_cap_: Native doctor don dey do power challenge for Nigeria now.

itsjenmoong_: FILO OOMFS!! Good evening! puwede po pasagot nitong survey? this is for our research. Thank you so much in advance ❤️

DealorsCom: Your New Exclusive Deal At Dealors! SNAPTAIN SP7100 Foldable GPS Drone Battery 7.6V 3600mAh Modular Rechargeable Li-po Battery with Charging Cable

celeana_15: Napa-ngiti ako sa question. Siguro, I'll first gather all of my characters (IROL CHARACTERS) then sabay-sabay kaming kakain. Have a li'l chitchat with 'em and all. My characters, they're part of my whole. I wanna atleast, enjoy with 'em. Iyon po, sksksk.

wjmcgurn: As an African-Amer­i­can, Tim Scott is bet­ter po­si­tioned than a white Re­pub­li­can to push back on race nar­ra­tives. Then again, a white Re­pub­li­can never faces the ugly treat­ment progressives re­serve for African-Amer­i­can con­ser­v­a­tives.

Po_li_cap_: who poor man wan call

jovic: Read about the seven essential actions to navigate the changing landscape of asset management distribution in this new playbook.

kpolzer1: In the court house haggling, wonder if Asian kids with educated parents ever get higher valuations? Will white kids' value trend downward? Are estimates of white kids' future earnings based on data for white adults or the entire po…

fautneddy: The sword is a cursed thing, which the wise man uses only if he must. -Li Po

bobheske: Asset Managers, get the latest regulatory insights. In this issue, we cover agency leadership changes, rulemaking, regulatory initiatives and other news from throughout the industry.

giovanteeee: I got to get in the habit of wearing heels but my po li high blood pressure won’t let my legs be great‼️

kenspellman: Future x Drake f./ DaBaby & Li - Life Is Good - Remix (PO Clean

AmitxNagpal: Your vision can wear two lenses - one of them will always make you sad. 1. Abundance: being grateful each day for all that you've got. 2. Lack: focussing on what you don't have. The first one is magical because it makes us see life as a world full of po…

gregorylent: a flock of birds has flown high and way a solitary drift of cloud, too, has gone, wandering on and i sit alone with the ching ting peak, towering beyond we never grow tired of each other, the mountain and i - li po

Po_li_cap_: Some time ago i use to have friends,that use to call me and lets hang out and chill,but now i use look for their reply but non,i have learn staying alone.

DrMHSmith: EVs with vehicle to grid ...the next step in realising the full potential of sustainable homes and green buildings. ....First, you better maximise benefits of investing in solar, as it charges your car or business fleet. You can use your EV with V2G to po…

LatestN72062740: Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T 64GB 4GB RAM | 6.53″ Display | Android 10 | Gorilla Glass 5 | Li-Po 5000 mAh | Fast Charging 18W | International Model | Factory GSM Unlocked | Nightfall Black

jaybally2: What po-li-tics???

DealorsCom: Your New Exclusive Deal At Dealors! GoolRC 2pcs MJX B4W Drone Li-Po Battery, 7.6V 3400mAh Battery & Charger Compatible with JJR/C X11 / Potensic D88 / EACHINE EX3 RC Drone

apppro1: $NIO BoAML 1Q21 GPM hit a new high; cash burn improves; reiterate Buy Reiterate Rating: BUY | RAISE PO: 60.00 USD GM beat expectation on higher ASP and better mix NIO’s 1Q21 sales up 482% YoY at RMB8.0bn and vehicle deliveries up 423% YOY $li $tsla $qs $fsr $gm $f

mcwest913: ADG20 is distinguished from other antibody treatments targeting SARS-CoV-2 by virtue of its ability to effectively and durably neutralize a broad range of sarbecoviruses, including SARS-CoV-2 and its emerging variants, with high po…

MichaelFSteger: As everyone may have heard, the monumental Ed Diener passed away. I have been moved by the celebrations I have read here, and wanted to express my deep appreciation for Ed as well. Ed Diener's contributions to psychology, the science of wellbeing, and po…

Po_li_cap_: After this tenor they will denial a lot of things,but they are so blind now to speak the truth,they will review the past to play in the future,they are all liars and blood suckers.

AfamDeluxo: Nigerians will only realize we are at war is when Lagos or Abuja is hit for now, let's continue with our e no "concern me" attitude and be speaking fancy grammar all over social media..

Po_li_cap_: there sha be no peace in their camp,they will fight and expose their self

Po_li_cap_: They talk about electricity,and they can not share common miters, how will you bring me 20k and call it estimated bill,bros abeg shift o,make you nor collect the blame for you oga o.

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And cast my rests of life before her feet,
That she may have her will of me, being so sweet
And none gainsay!


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