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LI_CYJ99: thank you po!

LI_LDH00: thank you po for welcoming me!

LI_PCW00: aaaa, can't choose po > <

LI_OST00: thank you po!

LI_KSJ96: Thank you po!

LI_PCW00: yehey! thank you po!

LI_KSJ96: looking for friends po

LI_KSJ96: thank you po

LI_HRJ00: thank you po!

large_li: Get into the details today while you have extra momentum to po... More for Libra

LI_KOE99: thank youuu ate zari! good luck po sa exams hahaha

LI_SNM96: yes po ! ^ ^

LI_HRJ00: thank you po

LI_PCW00: thank you po, capt!

LI_KSJ96: Thank you po!

LI_LDH00: thank you po! noted.

LI_KSJ96: Thank you po! ikaw din enjoy your day

LI_CJS00: thank you po!!

Po_li_cap_: From the footage the military was there abi, you don agree now abi? Okay God go fish una out small small, no peace for the wicked

Po_li_cap_: We can not recycle the same people all the time, if he his a true democrat he should stand aside and sponsor the new age to run, we are not too young to run

Po_li_cap_: They have stop my account from retweeting, kill me and more and thousands like me will emerge.

Po_li_cap_: What will this leaders gain from this blood bath?

LI_INY95: goodnight po

redbicycle1: Turns out That Billy Collins poem I liked so much The one about Li Po I don’t like so much Anymore That’s the problem With aimless love

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LI_WYH99: salamat po psalm proverbs ecclesiastes!

15thKStreet: Sa mga mag bobook po today you can use my link sa mr. Speedy. For new users only ☺ Follow the link and get ₱40 off your first order with MrSpeedy by using promocode RP620209 —

LI_PCY97: thanks po!

LI_LYY00: Thank you po☺️

LI_KTH02: thank you po

LI_SCY99: thank you po❤️

LI_SCY99: rawr❤️ thank you po ate selin ❤️

LI_LMH99: hello po, thank you!

LI_LMH99: hello po, thank you!

LI_PCY97: thanks po

LI_PCY97: rawr thanks po

LI_KJN96: thank you po!

LI_CYJ99: thank you po! sure, friends na tayo.

LI_WKH99: how to quota po

LI_JHJ00: yes po so much

jowanijoohyun: i do po agad father

Carrillo_Gil: VIDEOLIMBO| CANEK ZAPATA,"LI PO :: RICE FOR THE PEOPLE 米為人民", 2019 Disponibles en:

MSimpson_RC: An interesting read on how to prioritise and energise stalled projects with five tips. Tip one observes, "The pandemic has actually led to many organizations discovering they have been doing things wrong all along." A salient po…

Po_li_cap_: Clear matter

JoeyAkan: Also, while the looting was going on, people were investigating for wares with trackers. One guy with a bottle of stolen Amarula was told that the tracker on the bottle neck will give him away. He opened it immediately and started drinking. “Make they come track my belle.”

afronumfriedli: Well..what do you prefer: An American oligarchy ruling or a Chinese party ruling ? Depends. On one side, China has created hundreds of millions of jobs in the last decades but at the same time imposed almost total control on its po…

DaveLourdes: [[ HAVE YOU GOT A "PERSONAL BRAND?" ]] YES! OF COURSE YOU HAVE! People have already branded you whether you know it or not, or whether you like it or not. We're in a relationship and reputation economy. Be conscious of doing things that build po…

KenWattana: Imagining Nancy Pelosi 5 Li Po mai tai’s deep having a day on the Chinatown streets like I once did. Then going to the Kell’s basement to get weird. San Francisco is great

klineumali: One cannot stress enough how important itong statements ni Liza. Aside sa platform, people with certain stature such as her cant be wrongly accused, or have little chance to be, by this unjust admin. They have more power and reach. Li/za So/beran/o talaga. I love you po.

SAMKLEF: The citizens that u used their money to train your children abroad will not give them peace of mind. Guys watch till the end.

JohnsonCatCat: “Quiet-Night Thoughts” by LI Po  Ahead off seat I see the moonbeams bright  Aground in doubt for frost mistakes them I  My head I raise to gaze at bright the moon  My head I bow to long for land of mine

roberttantullo: THE SECRET TO CONFIDENCE IS PREPARATION With practice you'll come to a point of competence. You'll find yourself accomplishing your goals gracefully and confidently. It's then that you'll do things that you never dreamed you could do. You'll discover po…

ImJeffBell: I’m going to lay half of my chips on variant one and the other half on variant two.

cpiinc: Please vote for Best of the Best! A big THANK YOU to those who voted for Connie Phillips Insurance. We made the final round of Frederick News-Post 2020 Best of the Best – Insurance Agency! Please take time to vote one last time to help us secure our po…

Po_li_cap_: We nor get president

davido: Now Una wan run go after making our land a bitter place to live in ....

Wale: So many peaceful protesters were murdered in cold blood

paultfisher: I'm really excited to share a few big updates about what we’ve been building at Vowel! Our vision: Build an intelligent video conferencing platform, a meeting OS — and make meetings more productive, efficient, and actionable. We…

alhajitekno: God if you are real, Help US

Tutsy22: Hoodlums set The Nation Newspaper office on fire.

SAMKLEF: Once we can get the constitution right and go back to the 1960 constitution or upgrade the constitutio... every state will be incharge of their resources and security. Then we will be on the road to greatness. Nigeria will rise.

SAMKLEF: we only ask for our fundamental rights. We came in peace but they came to kill. Buhari evil.

SAMKLEF: We have 774 local government In Nigeria start holding ur local government accountable.

SAMKLEF: Police man No uniform wearing name tag and u are telling there is a system in Nigeria?

aproko_doctor: I've not been able to cry despite the amounts of deaths on the TL today. I'm what you call numb at this point, my friends have called in tears, my wife is crying her eyes out I'm afraid I'll implode soon. It's too much for us to bear. Stop killing us.

SAMKLEF: If the northern leaders could hide the death of yaradua b4 finally telling Nigerians then there is nothing they. Cannot do to retain power.

SAMKLEF: Buhari is officially worse than abacha.

SAMKLEF: National Assembly is our enemies

ShehuSani: Why are angry Enugu youths reportedly looking for Rev father Mbaka?

davido: Lagos state governor just said there were no fatalities!!!!! ???

davido: Please where is the hospital that most of the patients have been taken too?? Have they been treated for free ? Is there a bill that needs to be paid ? I need answers

heisrema: The fact that all this is happening on the same month Nigeria gained Independence 60 years ago, hits different. No growth.

SAMKLEF: Ghen! Ghen! Exposed

SympLySimi: This stupid stupid Nigerian Government are so incredibly stupid. Why did it have to get this far???? So drunk on power and stupid! This violence is bad for everybody. Especially innocent people. Oh God!

official2baba: Police and army fit shoot peaceful protesters but dem no fit shoot hoodlums abi.

KorraLarson: Performative activism is a disease. Y’all white saviors and fake wokes think cancelling people for past ignorant comments in a time when it was acceptable is “activism”. It’s not. Marginalized groups generally don’t care about that stuff, we JUST want PO-LI-CIES to help us.

EnnioCarboni: The Agile Manifesto had it wrong from the beginning – it was not so much that small teams worked better because they could follow a lean and mean methodology to accomplish a project. Rather, small teams on small projects made it po…

OfficialWaje: Pls help us if you have any info.

JoeWSJ: I was last at Lekki toll gate on Monday night - this was the scene.

Officialregha: Any influencer that collect campaign job from any politician or any youth that collect N5,000 to vote for APC or PDP in 2023, your generation will never enjoy rest.

DJSPINALL: Who removes CCTV cameras from a peaceful protest happening at a city center in 2020 ??? Then few hours later innocent people gets killed.

Po_li_cap_: In the early days my grand parents told me, when things got out of hand like this, the king step in, they gave the people trust but now the kings are with them, and we are alone

AYCOMEDIAN: Who controls tollgate? Who ordered for removal of light from the tollgate? Who ordered the removal of cctv from the tollgate? Once you know who has the authority over the above, you would know who was responsible for the shootings today. I am in my house come and kill me too


burnaboy: We need names and pictures of everyone killed, they will soon say nobody died.

Po_li_cap_: If you stand by this, I will be happy and proud, let's let them know they don't have this country alone

mxmulder: The illustrated bookshelf is now installed in the living room, inspired by the poetry of Li Po. Raised cup to invite the moon.

RASubagyanto: Hi Rekan2 Linkedin, PT Sinarmas Sekuritas is one of the biggest securities company in Indonesia and part of large Indonesia conglomerate. The company is known for its rich experience of more than 30 years in Capital Market sector. We are looking for po…

KevinDPhillips: If you expect too little, you’ll get it. If you expect too much, you might damage motivation. You’ll make more progress helping someone expect more of themselves than by imposing your own expectations on them. If you want to help someone achieve their po…

rationalwalk: Outrageous attitude. “My po­si­tion is, the state is not li­able for this deficit. It was caused by the fed­eral gov­ern­ment’s neg­li­gence. So, I’m not tak­ing ac­tion to close the deficit—the fed­eral gov­ern­ment has to make up for the deficit.”

joshhealan: The Experis Ohio team is hiring!!! I am looking for two sales professionals, one in Columbus and one in Cleveland. I am also looking for a Recruiter in Cleveland. What am I looking for? Put it this way. It is currently 8:39am eastern time at the as I'm po…

JohnnyMacG: Cuomo in denial:”“My po­si­tion is, the state is not li­able for this deficit. It was caused by the fed­eral gov­ern­ment’s neg­ligence. So, I’m not taking ac­tion to close the deficit—the fed­eral gov­ern­ment has to make up for the deficit.”

Po_li_cap_: With deep regret I announce to the world, that this is the new Nigeria flag.

DeleMomodu: It is baffling that the Nigerian army headed to Lekki Tollgate in Lagos and opened fire on peaceful and defenseless protesters while studiously ignoring the rampaging hoodlums in Abuja and Lagos!!!

TopeAkinyode: Tinubu will NEVER become Nigeria's President. Never!

davido: All news channels showing bullshit on tv !! Haaabaaaaaa

fkabudu: If you are in Alausa, GET OUT NOW. The army is said to be headed there. Tell them to go now!

Po_li_cap_: Start to drop them as they drop us

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