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Li Bai (Chinese: 李白; pinyin: Lǐ Bái; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Lí Pe̍k, 701–762), also known as Li Bo, courtesy name Taibai (Chinese: 太白), art name Qinglian Jushi (Chinese: 青蓮居士), was a Chinese poet, acclaimed from his own time to the present as a brilliant and romantic figure who took traditional poetic forms to new heights. He and his friend Du Fu (712–770) were two of the most prominent figures in the flourishing of Chinese poetry in the Tang dynasty, which is often called the "Golden Age of Chinese Poetry". The expression "Three Wonders" denotes Li Bai's poetry, Pei Min's swordplay, and Zhang Xu's calligraphy.Around a thousand poems attributed to him are extant. His poems have been collected into the most important Tang dynasty poetry, Heyaue yingling ji, compiled in 753 b...
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Li Po Poems

  • The Moon At The Fortified Pass
    The bright moon lifts from the Mountain of Heaven
    In an infinite haze of cloud and sea,
    And the wind, that has come a thousand miles,
    Beats at the Jade Pass battlements.... ...
  • To Tu Fu From Shantung
    You ask how I spend my time--
    I nestle against a treetrunk
    and listen to autumn winds
    in the pines all night and day. ...
  • Gazing At The Cascade On Lu Mountain
    Where crowns a purple haze
    Ashimmer in sunlight rays
    The hill called Incense-Burner Peak, from far
    To see, hung o'er the torrent's wall, ...
  • A Song Of An Autumn Midnight
    A slip of the moon hangs over the capital;
    Ten thousand washing-mallets are pounding;
    And the autumn wind is blowing my heart
    For ever and ever toward the Jade Pass.... ...
  • Clearing At Dawn
    The fields are chill, the sparse rain has stopped;
    The colours of Spring teem on every side.
    With leaping fish the blue pond is full;
    With singing thrushes the green boughs droop. ...
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Moon 37 White 26 Green 25 Wind 24 Spring 23 River 21 Mountain 21 Heaven 17 Blue 16 Night 16

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