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Gaspara Stampa (1523 – 23 April 1554) was an Italian poet. She is considered to have been the greatest woman poet of the Italian Renaissance, and she is regarded by many as the greatest Italian woman poet of any age.


Stampa's father, Bartolomeo, originally from Milan, was a jewel and gold merchant in Padua, where she was born, along with her siblings Cassandra and Baldassarre. When Gaspara was eight, her father died and her mother, Cecilia, moved to Venice with her children, whom she educated in literature, music, history, and painting. Gaspara and Cassandra excelled at singing and playing the lute, possibly due to training by Tuttovale Menon.

Early on, the Stampa household became a literary club, visited by many well-known Venetian writers, p...
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Gaspara Stampa Poems

  • Rime 08
    If I, who am an abject, low-born woman,
    Can bear within me such lofty fire,
    Why should I not possess at least a little
    Poetic power to tell it to the world? ...
  • I Swear To You, Love, By Your Arrows
    I swear to you, Love, by your arrows,
    And by your powerful holy flame,
    I care not if by one Iâ??m maimed,
    My heart burned, wasted by the other: ...
  • O All My Labours Scattered Uselessly
    O all my labours scattered uselessly
    O, all my useless scattered sighs,
    O loyalty, that never, O living fire,
    Chilled or burned others so, if I see truly, ...
  • Rime 43
    Harsh is my fortune, but harsher still is the fate
    dealt me by my count: he flees from me,
    I follow him; others long for me,
    I cannot look at another man's face. ...
  • Rime 104
    O night to me more splendid and more blessed
    Than the most blessed and most splendid of days,
    Night worthy of the most exalted praise,
    Not just of mine, unworthy and distressed, ...
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Love 9 I Love You 9 Never 7 Pain 6 Life 5 Fire 4 Face 4 Heart 4 Sweet 4 Bitter 4

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Lauraingalli: let me introduce you to this lady, the one and only luisa bergalli (1703-1779). luisa was amazing. she wrote tragedies, musical drama, poems; translated terence, racine, etc. into italian; curated the first anthologies of women's writing (1726) & edited poets like gaspara stampa.
Tomsnarsky: of all my joys; gaspara stampa, translated by laura anna stortoni and mary prentice lillie
Sophycles: rime by gaspara stampa featured in elena ferrante’s in the margins: on the pleasures of reading and writing
Drpragyaagarwal: from the rime by gaspara stampa in elena ferrante’s ‘in the margins’: here was stampa saying to me that the female pen precisely because it is unexpected within the male tradition had to make an enormous courageous effort - as today- to employ ‘uncommon skill’ and acquire ‘style’
Fr211t: some spam number just called asking for contact info for gaspara stampa!!! condolences homie she died in 1553
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