Lawstudent And Coach Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Each day I sit in an ill lighted roomA
To teach a boyB
For one hour by the clock great words and dreamsC
Are our employB
We read St Agnes' Eve and that more fairD
Eve of St MarkE
At a small table up against the wallF
In the half darkE
I tell him all the wise things I have readG
Concerning KeatsH
'His earlier work is overfull of senseI
And sensual sweets 'J
I tell him all that comes into my mindK
From God knows whereD
Remark 'In English poets Bertha's typeL
Is jolly rareD
She's a real girl that strains her eyes to readG
And cricks her neckM
Now Madeline could pray all night nor feelN
Her body's checkM
And Bertha reads p'rhaps the first reading girlO
In English rhyme 'J
It's maddening work to say what Keats has saidG
A second timeP
The boy sits sideways with averted headG
His brown cheek glowsQ
I like his black eyes and his sprawling limbsR
And his short noseQ
He feeling dreads the splendour of the verseS
But he must learnT
To write about it neatly and to quoteU
These lines that burnT
He drapes his soul in my obscuring wordsV
Makes himself fitW
To go into a sunny world and takeX
His part in itW
'Examiners' point of view you know ' say IY
'Is commonsenseI
You must sift poetry before you canZ
Sift Evidence 'J

Lesbia Harford


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