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CailinCeltic: Yet still our constant hearts rejoice Because the past survives . Lovers Parted - Lesbia Harford Artwork - Enrique Meseguer

stoutsider: Just bought

GSilentio: "What were the good of stars if none looked on them But mariners, astronomers and such! The sun and moon and stars were made for lovers. I know that much." —Lesbia Harford

CailinCeltic: Dearest Dearest If they let me go I'd hasten to you Where the waters flow In among the shadows and the dreams we know Dearest, dearest - Lesbia Harford Art - Victor Nizovtsev

CailinCeltic: I have two wings To raise me to the skies Withouten these My soul could never rise My shining friends All white and gold are ye Who make my soul A winged victory. I Have Two Wings - Lesbia Harford Artwork - Kat Moser

CailinCeltic: Then my heart breaks through These prison bars Of space and darkness And finds what is true Up past the stars where I'm one with you. When Day Is Over - Lesbia Harford

CailinCeltic: The past is gone We must believe It has no power to change our lives Yet still our constant hearts rejoice Because the past survives. Lovers Parted - Lesbia Harford Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour Somewhere in Time

queerasfact: You can read the full poem and whole lot more of Lesbia's work here!:

Rolands_Horn: Even Lesbia Harford has a cheap $30 paperback! Why not Gilmore?

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The Dove
 by Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson

I saw a dove fear-daunted,
By howling storm-blast driven;
Where waves their power vaunted,
From land it had been riven.
No cry nor moan it uttered,
I heard no plaint repeated;
In vain its pinions fluttered --
It had to sink, defeated.

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