You see, when new plants grow beneath old plants
The old plants tilt away from the part of the new plants
The old plant does not try to trample on the new plants nor try to compete with it
Instead it contributes to its growth; we rise by lifting others

The sun and the moon are both made to illuminate the earth
But they both do so at different periods
The sun for the day, and the moon for the night

The lion is often the strongest and leader of a pride
But the lion does not use its position and ability to oppress other members of the pride
Instead the lion uses its strength to defend and fight for the pride
Leaders do not oppress, they serve and make sacrifices

It takes a colony of ants up to ten weeks to build a nest
They do so by getting everyone involved without tiring
Unity,patience and perseverance brings about positive results

Crocodiles often stay in the calmest of waters
The calm water surface entices prey to come and drink,making them easy feeds for the crocodiles
Be careful,looks deceive

Even a dead tree can be used to make papers
And even after being used to make fire at a camp will become charcoal
Even the ashes from the charcoal serves as bleach
Do not anyone look down on you
Evey creature of nature has its purpose
Indeed there's a lot to learn from nature