Lekan Adeneye Malloren Poems

  • 1.  
    On my death bed, when my legs and limbs are weak
    When my throat is too narrow to swallow bolus of meal
    When I struggle to catch breath in my mouth, and the sound of my shallow heart beat fills the room
    On that bed that looks like my passage to the grave and draws me closer to my ancestors
  • 2.  
    I tried to picture what the best movie in the world would look like
    I said to myself, it needs the best location
    Another voice in my head also said the best director has to be in charge
    The movie needs to have a very large cast
  • 3.  
    The dog barked at the rat for eating leftovers
    But then it turned to the backyard to eat stools
    The pig yelled at the dog for eating stools
    But then it walked to the farmland to till the ground with its nose in search of food
  • 4.  
    I stumbled upon it without wanting to
    I couldn't stop myself from falling for its bewitchment
    It brings me crazy ecstasy while I paddle in its enchantment
    It make me yearn for more even at saturation point
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