Death is not a Gift,
Death is not an Award,
Nor a Degree or an Achivement,
But a Natural Phenomenon.

Oh thou Beloved loves one's,
Oh thou Great Gone malabites and malabress,
Your all Gone but not Forgotten,
You still live in our bleeding hearts.

You left an empty Space with your death,
Filled only with pains and sadness,
And a touch of Anger in bleeding hearts,
Mr Death why? Our Tears flow like Rivers.

Your still missed everyday and Time,
More than words can say,
If tears could build a path,
Then we would have been together again.

Unical is saying "Gone But Not forgotten"
Malabites and malabress are saying
"Long live Your legacies and Memories"
Lebe_Paul_D_Poet is saying "Rest in peace"

As long as malabites and malabress,
Can breath, eyes can see, Unical still stand,
So long live this, and this give life to all Unical,
Gone and Beloved Malabites and malabress.

Lebe Gberekoo