Behold! we stood jerking and shivering
Before the gigantic cost of crossover
Onto the land of frustration and caction
Where we shall see generous demons
Parading around in fine angelic attires
Like a pardoner on a merciful ground

The cold wind blew in black and white
And our eyes were once opened to see
The evil planted in the black heart of a man:
Such stimulated our antagonistic alarm
Rising like a steam from a hot soup and
Matching Far above our mere horizon

There, we stood silently in solitude,
Though we were a people of multitude
Powerless as a slave before his master
Staring at the killing current of the ocean
And nailing a dozen truncated dreams
Of a people so blacker than a charcoal

At the cancerous coastal cold
We arrived, chained in our hearts
Like newly discovered mad dogs
Wearing necklaces on our necks
That were so heavier than us
Like a bead tied at a virgin's waist.

We were on our excambion exodus
To see a master of all knowledges
And a man so revered like a minigod
Forsaking our land full of civilization
For the sake of fake industrialization
That brought no good to a charcoal skin

We were powdered with colder cold
And our mouth never opened for a word
While our hearts burnt a million times
Despite the coastal cancerous cold
Now, we must look for a benign blanket
Or else, we remain a man without a mind.