They are wordy sedducters
Who will shout and give pleeds
promising to fulfill our needs
And we just forget The bleeds
of their evil deeds
we give them million votes
they steal billion notes
all they do is visiting hundred ports
And buy a thousand plots
still they want more salary
it will come a time
they will even demand dowry allowances
and that's why they have even married our minds
They are like empty balloons
we fill them with votes
but when pinched with the truth
they crack jokes and burst empty words

but still all of us will be Struggling
They will be Struggling to come out of their Vehicles with large bellies
pregnant of false ideas
And we will be struggling to open our big mouths to give a yawn
Who struggles than the other?
Or who suffers More?
And now who is the lame?
And who is to blame?

by Hemsttone de poet