I know one day I will meet my doom
But at least I will have my eternal room
No dust will be there so I need no broom
I don't know if my doom will leave a boom!

I wish so must you not to weap
I want not to see you tears wipe
While putting me down so deep
As I lie there having eternal sleep.

I know that day will arrive
On that day please don't grieve .
Since death is a traveller in murk,
My eyes will only be seeing the dark.

I can't plead with death to delay
But I wish I knew my expiry day,
I would hold you till I pass out
Since you hold sway over my heart.

He knows why he destined me to have you
And also the reason to make me leave you.
I believe we shall meet again some day
And my soul will keep you till that day.

It's really obvious I will miss you alot,
Let me hope you will miss me too
You know I love you too alot,
I guess you like-wise love me too.

Hope our bond will know no doom.
Since on my heart you own a room
As my lovely mum got me via birth,
So must I face this wicked death.