We Interrupt This Program..... Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Good evening Mr and Miss AmericaA
We interrupt your lives for the following foolishness that's in your hearingB
Your president has just ordered our young men to go to warC
Mothers are in prayer but not so much fearingB
Of the unknown death that's over on the other side of the worldD
The money is getting thinner like blood shedE
But for only those who died that seems like it's in vain or something like thatF
In cold blood they are deadE
And the facts are just the factsG
Or something you're going to hear or they let you hearH
I am sorry in taking your percious vaulable timeI
On news no such foolishness you are hearing in your earsJ
But it's hard too dangerous to say what's truth or a lie or if it can be defineK
But some twisted definition not used by Webster in order to be clearL
And yet they say we are the un intelligent onesM
It's a shame that our young ladies are stripping for moneyN
Instead of doing something meaningful in their lives than that thingB
But rather do shameless acts for shameless dollars you seeN
Making money the easy way out is not the way to do it my friendO
And it's a crying shame that our your men won't pull these pants upP
Instead of letting them hang down for all the world to seeN
Your dirty little under wears like dirty little secretsQ
And dirty little liesR
And dirty little livesS
Until soon that dirty ol' bastardT
Is in the dirty gutterU
With some dirty needle in their duty armsV
Or some dirty ropeW
Is round their dirty necksX
So brother you MUST pull upP
PULL UP those pantsY
Unbraid that nappy nappy headE
And get a damn jobZ
Or go to schoolA2
And stay off the streetsB2
And now we return youC2
To your interrupted lifeD2
In this messed up worldD
C K C ColtE2

Kenneth R. Jenkins
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 11/27/2019


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