Under No Certain Terms Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Poetry the MassesA
Not a state of mindC
But a way of lifeD
A statement of hopeE
The words signed contracted on a piece of paperF
Sometimes broken torn and scornedG
Freedom isH
What we want bI
But can t in spite of the abuseJ
The system gives outK
Like tickets to a slave auctionL
Freedom was as isH
Use to beI
Has been back in the dayM
When it was fought for andN
Then won hands downO
And those words of freedomB
On our lipsP
I ll be damnQ
Someone comes to mess it upR
Making it badS
For the next oneL
Making it look like there is no hopeE
There is no freedomB
There is no lifeD
And so I waddle in pityI
Like it ain t nobody s businessT
Nobody s business but my ownU
And if you are born in this countryI
The chances are fifty fiftyI
Zero for usT
Fifty for themV
Zero for usT
Sixty for themV
Zero for usT
Move nigger moveW
Work nigger workX
Bend that black ass of yours niggerF
Now let me bend my yellow ass u to kissY
After Malcolm Martin and the restZ
Came on the sceneA2
To bring it onB2
And died for the freedom we needC2
Like a crack head needing crackD2
They preached the gospel of freedomB
And now their voices are silencedE2
Only hearing the winds of their wordsF2
Bellowing loud and clearG2
But do we listenL
What s the matter foolH2
Do you hear the cryI2
From the streets of Southside ChicagoJ2
To New York s Harlem streetsK2
To the Deep South s cotton fieldsL2
To every alleywayM
To every ChurchM2
The cry of freedom is still thereN2
Yes they cry freedom in South AfricaO2
But is it heardP2
Yes they cry freedom in IsraelQ2
But is it heardP2
Under no certain termsR2
We must turn our headsS2
Looking the other wayM
Say I can t do itT2
But instead sayingU2
Yes I do believeV2

Kenneth R. Jenkins
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 06/15/2020


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