To Patrick, Chris, Caleb,Tyress,Simone, Ronni and David

Dream your dream
Now catch that star and make it happen
Not letting no one else tell you
You can't make it
But go on and just dream.

Let that vision flow from within you
Even the impossible ones
That seems too hard but go on
And just dream even towards the dream.

Make it happen for you
And go on and dare to dream
Making it your own
Flowing it until the very end
And when the end seems near,
That means you've captured
That dream that lives inside of you.

No matter how far the dream
Like a star so distant so far away
Catch it and grab a hold of it
And never, never, never let it go!
By all means just dream
Until you've dreamed no more.
Let it be guided like a star
Or float like a white cloud
But by all means my dears
Just dream and never stop
Until every desire is met.
Yes, dream beyond measure
But by all means dream.
And time will tell
Of how your dreams were to be
And now again-----
Just dream your dreams!

19 April 2005