Poetic Addiction Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


You see you make me wanna writeA
You make wanna write wordsB
So sweet and on the other handC
Words wind up so tightA
Until it squeeze you when you feel meD
Setting my poetic heart soaring freeD
Like a bird flying in mid airE
But I don't careE
As long as I can bring these poetic words to your earsF
Leaving with happiness or either intearsF
I am like an addict unashamedG
And an addict by deed and nameH
Over poetry deep deep deep in my soulI
No matter how deep or how oldJ
Or how it sounds in words so dearK
Until it just burns of your earsF
Fire flame to touchL
No but yet not too muchL
Just a little at a timeM
With somewhere in there with you on my mindN
Because I am an addict for poetryD
Poetry by any means you seeD
If by anything else is messed upO
Like the Crack head on the streetsF
I need to be fed my drug that inner beastP
No not beast but pleasure deeply soF
Until I feel and really knowF
It's that thing call poetry I am addicted toQ
Yes it's very very very trueQ
I love poetry for I am an addictR
And if poetry was a woman she would be my mistressF
My chick on the side I won't missF
For I am an addict baby a poetry junkieD
Because I need my fix everydayS
And sometimes i a worst wayS
My suppilers range many like Langston and Nikki and Maya and even a Butterfly tooQ
Because I am an addict of poetry and this is very trueQ
Everytime I mix the poetic lyrical measures spinning in my brainT
As I write them down like a person whose going fool and going insaneT
For I am an addict baby a poetic lyrical words spinning miser spitting out words soF
Addict of rhymesF
Endless i space and in timeM
No matter what moves meD
No matter what grroves meD
I am what I am what I am soF
Give me a fix and I'll give you a rhymeM
Give a little bit of timeM
And I'll be spitting out poetry as fast as you can say BLACK BALLU
I love poetry and I am an addict that's allU
If there was an Poet's Anonymous I would be in every meeting everytimeM
Spinning a rhyme for you in every way I can findN
My name is and I am a poetic lyrical of rhyme of a poetV

Kenneth R. Jenkins
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 10/26/2019


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