To all who may hear me...

Get it straight from the heart
From this poet
Who dreams as dreamers do,
Watching the clock of time tick away
The hours so new.
And yet we are or seem to be far from u,
Just take a look in the mirror
Look what do u see?
And your response is 2 me that I SEE U!

To all who may see me....

An artist,
A teacher,
A little hope in someone's life
To brighten like days of sunshine and sunrise and sunsets
The nights and days,
The happiness and sorrows of it all
I see u before yourself.
Check in the mirror....
What do u see?
What do u see?
I asked u once more and u just looked at me with eyes of pain
And just sighed looked at me with great sadness.

To all who may BELIEVE....

Father, Son, Holy Ghost!
No one comes before or between them.
Just those three alone is all we need.
Do u believe?
God is Father,
Jesus is Son,
Holy Spirit is the Comforter,
Do u believe?

To those who HOPE....

Peace in this world,
Peace to u,
And peace for me.
Will there be peace?
My hope is build on God's peace
The peace He only gives us through the Holy Ghost.

To those who love...

Poets and dreamers and artist and musicians
All talked of love and hope to bring it to this tasteless, dry
Unforgiving world we live in
And so with that thought
I ask a simple question,