in memory of Auntie Mildred

The race has won
Time be it no more
Answering God's Call
As the angels take me home
To my home on high
In the sky
My Lord in the sky.

I wave goodbye to all my friends
That I had along the way,
I wave goodbye she to my love ones
Some near and far,
I'm going home
To my heavenly home on high.

Mother she'll be there
Father I know he'll be there too
But when I meet the Master
Face to face,
I will shout in praise to Glory
My home on high.

The course is set,
The path is paved,
And I'll be ready to meet Him
My Savior and my Lord.

At rest I will be
In my new home
And body among high
Among high is home.

Home at last,
Home at last,
Forever home.
9 May 2018