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Leon Maxwell Gellert (17 May 1892 – 22 August 1977) was an Australian poet.

Early life and education He was born in Walkerville, a suburb of Adelaide, South Australia. He was subjected to bullying by his father, a Methodist of Hungarian extraction, to which he reacted by learning self-defence at the YMCA.

After an education at Adelaide High School, he embarked on a teaching career; first as a student-teacher at Unley High School then at the University of Adelaide's Teacher Training College.

He enlisted with the Australian Imperial Forces 10th Battalion within weeks of the outbreak of the Great War and sailed for Cairo on 22 October 1914. He landed at Ari Burnu Beach, Gallipoli on 25 April 1915, was wounded and repatriated as medically ...
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Leon Gellert Poems

  • The True Dawn
    Go, false dawn, that cometh as a child
    With yellow curls!
    Hast never known the wild
    Unhallowed cry of night! ...
  • The Cripple
    He totters round and dangles those odd shapes
    That were his legs. His eyes are never dim.
    He brags about his fame between the tapes,
    And laughs the loudest when they laugh at him. ...
  • To A Man Who Wished To Die
    And now that you are dead, - If I should die
    Upon this ground,
    And open my new eye,
    Iâ??d leave my body dead, ...
  • Rapine
    She came from some still mossiness
    Of quiet ways; and stood with modest hands;
    A warmth of body in a shy distress;
    A white shell on the sands. ...
  • Acceptance
    Beside the doors of a keen-lighted hall
    I paused, and quite by chance
    I noticed Love
    Smiling and tall; ...
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  • Ozannemichael: leon gellert.. anzac cove.
  • Troveufobot: another australian newspaper article about ufos! 23 apr 1950, 'leon gellert recounts a conversation piece':
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  • Troveufobot: another australian newspaper article about ufos! 23 apr 1950, 'leon gellert recounts a conversation piece':
  • War_poets: 22 october 1914 leon gellert as part of the australian imperial force's 10th battalion embarks on the troopship ascanius for egypt.
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