The Tunnel Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Been born free doesn't guarantee freedomA
The firewood was once a fruit treeB
Hacked down by the forces of lifeC
Everyone encourages youD
They say there's light at the end of the tunnelE
But no one tells you how long the tunnel isF
If you would truly see the lightG
Down through series of heroic deedsH
Struggling through nuit de sineI
You ask whose bones are scattered aroundJ
In the tunnelE
Are they of wild beast or of men who thirst to deathK
Inside this tunnel I am headed tooD
They say its bones of men and women who neverL
Forget or ever forgiveM
The tunnel which many a hero could notN
See its endO
They bow out of life with the hope thatP
There's light at the end sadly nayQ
Today am free and strong tomorrow I am weakR
And in chainsS
They ascribe my travails toD
Passing through test of timeT
And if I never make it out aliveU
The tunnel was perhaps supposed to be my homeV
And the skulls and bones where my friendsW
You can never be at peace with yourselfX
Until you are at peace with everyoneY

Kareem Azeez
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 10/02/2019


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