The path seems all so clear,
Is it a trap,
Of some higher force in power?
Pr is it meant to be so,
For the path, it goes to and fro;

Sometimes seems straight,
Sometimes, goes round,
What's its destination?
Keeps your mind entangled,
With a question profound;

It seems so clear,
Is it my eyes?
Or is it so that,
The nails laid there are colorless,
And what they cause is only pain?

Running parallel, there goes another,
Which seems to be laid with pins,
But, its destination is clear,
Despite the stormy winds,
Blocking vision!

It goes straight,
No matter what,
But the other one,
It seems to get our eyes shut,
Despite the clear weather;

My concise says to take the clear one,
For it appears safe,
Even though, its destination remains unclear,
For the other one seems to cause pain,
Which makes me question myself,
Would it be worth it, if I get no mortal gain?