Who is Kanishk Chaturvedi

I'm a student from the vast town of Kolkata and have a passion towards writing. Apart from that i also am a chef, sharpshooter, club-level cricketer, artist and a gamer. ...
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  • Path
    The path seems all so clear,
    Is it a trap,
    Of some higher force in power?
    Pr is it meant to be so, ...
  • Divided
    He provided us with everything,
    But what do we ?
    Instead of praising him,
    We blame him with glee ! ...
  • Here Lies The Soul, As Pure As Gold !
    Here lies the soul,
    As pure as gold,
    Untouched by evils,
    Nurtured with dilligent care; ...
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Identity 1 Soul 1 Human 1 Wealth 1 Pure 1 Gold 1 Fault 1 Bring 1 Destination 1 Clear 1

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