Dear mother,
My earthly god. and my whole world
For nine good months I was sheltered in your womb
The mood swings I gave you whilst I was in your belly only made you love me harder
The food cravings and body changes I brought to you only strengthened the bond between us
The sounding pain you persevered while bringing me to this world only increased the bond between us
The sleepless nights and endless cries you bore only made you a stronger woman
ohhhh dear heartbeat and my strength!!

You watched me sit for the first time and cheered me on
You watched me stand up firmly for the first time and you cheered me on
You watched me take my baby steps and your cheers made me stronger and firmer
You watched me go thru all the different phases in my life
You never left me or abandoned me even when I was at my worst
The times I made you angry you scolded and shouted at me but I knew all that was pure love
You have been behind me all the days of my life and I always know that your there with me
ohhhh dear are a friend so dear!!

There is nothing I can do to ever repay for all the sacrifices you made for me
No amount of money in the world can be enough to compasate you for the time you spent on me
No teacher will ever out stand you in my life because you taught me all the basics of life
You stayed up awake at night just to see me sleep peacefully
You slept hungry but happily just because I had gotten my fill
You gave me life at the expense of your own life
Mama your the queen of my heart
Mama your my first love
Mama I love you
ohhhh dear everyday motivation!!