Suddenly the moon broke out through the clouds
Like sparks of a broken mirror
The month of Sundays had finally come
This day I would meet my lover
The one who made my heart melt
The one who ran cold shivers around my body
The one who gave me butterflies in my stomach
"I will be back for you my love" he had whispered to me before he left
Before he left me partially to go in pursuit of greener pastures
And today was the lucky day that I would have him back into my loving hands
My lover was coming back to me

As I ran the shower I kept on thinking about my lover
The water drops trickled my whole body the way his hands always wondered around my body
As I looked at my naked frame in the mirror I remembered the glittering eyes of my lover
Those eyes that would always send my body quacking whenever they quizzically stared at me
As I soaked my body in my body cream my hands kept on touching my soft silky skin
The skin that my lover loved so deary
"your skin is so soft and tender.....just like pearls and water lilies" my lover always whispered such sweet words to me in his big deep husky voice
ohhhh his voice...the voice that I loved so dearly
my lover was coming back to me where he rightly belongs

My lover was always the talk of everyone who laid eyes on him
His strong manly physique was to die for...oh my!!
The black shiny mane that covered his perfectly shaped head gave him that perfect alluring look
my lover was more perfect than the word perfect
The way his facial features curved beautifully around his face not forgetting the masculine neck the held his handsome head
My lover had such a lovely gait that made him stand out even in the biggest crowd
He walked with an air of loyalty
My lover was my gem, my most precious jewel
And he was coming back into my lovely hands
I looked at my hands that always held him so dearly
He was coming back to these same hands that would never let him go again!!!!