we live in a society where everyone
want to be at the top
where everyone want to be known
where everyone want to be the best

man go extra mile just to bring down his fellow man just to be at the top
men kill themselves to gain power
men kill to gain position

what then is left in the world when man has become enemy of themselves
what then are we living for
what is the future plans for the youth

our future leaders are being mislead
the leaders of tomorrow are been killed
the future leaders die everyday like chicken,what then is left for the future leaders

ooh men what then will it profit you if you gain the materials and positions of this world and live the future leaders with pains and unending suffering

men has always sought the downfall of his fellow man,men with his jealousy dreams of greatness men believes he can acquire greatness at the expense of others.

men forgot that he who acquire greatness by foul means does not live to enjoy himself oo oh man enemy of themselves

ooh! man enemy of themselves