your memories is something I can't erase
your voice keep echoing in my head
your jokes keep running in my mind
your words can't just stop sounding

Dead has taken away that one thing
that one special person I find love in
dead has laid it cold hands on my soul mate,dead left me alone with thought

Dead took away that which gives me some much joy and happiness
that only person that complete me
that only person that understands me

Am left with memories of our love
memories of the time we shared
memories of the future plans we heard
memories that hurts and breaks me

I can only wish if you where here
I can only wish if u didn't die
I can only wish if you fought header
I wish you fought till the end and win

missing you is an under statement
I miss everything about you
I miss the play the jokes the correction
I miss your care attention and everything

ooh dead you have indeed hurt me so much by taking away the love of my life
this injury that has refused to heal
even when I feel it has healed it hasn't

the world and its wicked creature keep reminding me of you each time
the world has lost a sweet,lovely and amazing personality.

I wish you are here to witness that your baby as you always call me,is now in the university. your baby has finally seen the four conners of the university

This has always been your wish
To see you baby gal in school
became that hardworking lady she desire
To become that manager for you

To watch your baby gal smiling always
To watch me not working under any man
To see me succeed in life
To see your baby gal on my matric gown

dead has taken all this future plans away
dead couldn't allow you witness these
dead has shorten our plans living
your baby gal alone with only memories

you left you baby gal you mum siblings
you left our plans and goals
you left our dreams
you left me in the middle of the ocean

tears dropped down my eyes
seeing you been laid down to rest
you where covered with a sand
all alone by yourself

Alone in that dark and lonely place
Alone in that wooden box called coffee
alone not even with a piece of your belongs

you are just laying there alone
laying alone in that dark and lonely place
ooh this place that is built just for you
no friends no family just a space for one

How cruel can the world be,sending a sweet soul like you to and early crave
dead you are really wicked
God alone knows why he allowed you go

you are such a sweet soul
your memories can't be easily forgotten
you have left a mark in my heart
A mark that can't be wiped off

I am only left with the memories of you
The memories of the sweet moment
The memories of our plans
Memories that's all you left me with

12/2/22 memories