up there with my maker
wasn't complaining at all
was so comfortable with my maker
until a call to be brought to the world came

I was happy seeing myself inside a warm room,a room meant for just me inside you.you nurtured me for 9 months inside this warm room

I came into the world so different from where i was,it was actually different but i so much believed you will continue to nurture me just like you did when i was inside you

It was just a party of some hours
and you trade my breath for a party
you trade the plans my maker has for me for a party

are you a mum or a murderer,i thought you will always be there for me,but i was wrong my life was traded for a party of some hours

thank you mum for sending me back to my maker,its clear am not welcome here on earth but my maker's hands are always open to receive me

my precious life Was traded
my dreams Was traded
my goals Was traded
my plans was traded

for a party of some hours