Jude Chukwuemeka Muoneke Soul Poems

  • 1.
    The boulevard beyond have many
    The peregrination of the soul
    Agony of the kiths and kin
  • 2.
    Life ended in misery
    Volitionally and voluntarily
    You ended it,
    Why self destruction?
  • 3.
    The ancestral deities of our fathers
    What wrong have we done?
    We weren’t there when the
    agreements were made,
  • 4.
    Home of the helpless
    Built with a corrugated irons
    The innocent incarcerated
    For a pardonable crime.
  • 5.
    Sheep eat their shepherds
    A shepherd monstrously murdered
    And brutally burnt,
    A great loss to Jalingo diocese.
  • 6.
    Love is a mysterious thing
    Circumstances determines who you love
    Many a man has fallen victim of its sting
    Its slaps and makes a man rove.
  • 7.
    The first day of the week
    Came calling,
    You dressed on fine robe
    Smiling and nurturing grudges in your heart.
  • 8.
    I am a faithful sinner
    Enticed by the lust of the flesh
    The spirit is willfully willing
    But the flesh is freakishly weak.
  • 9.
    I am a prisoner
    Locked up in my cocoon
    Nightmares my only companion
    Smiles and tears console me.
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More wisdom sir❤️
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Queen : Wonderful master piece.... Just realized how much love you could give to this woman.

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