His journey beyond
Kept many mouths in awe,
It happened, all of a sudden
We all thought;
He will live forever.

He was a Tortoise
Gifted in all divinations
Paying homages;
To many shrines.

He beats his chest
To the gimmicks of his gods
Many hearts cried,
Sobing in tearful laughter.

In Muoneke's family,
Burial was like a yearly feast
Many preachers visited,
To uproot all the deities,
And set the captives free.

From Akokwa to Obodoukwu
Driving on his motorcycle,
He suddenly fall down
Then stroke hugged him
Hospitals declined treatments,
"Spiritual matters" they said.

At an interval of three days
The news of his demise
Travelled like wildfire,
Mouths cried and smiled
Ezenmuo will pour libation to the gods.

Farewell Uncle,
He will tell his tales to our ancestors
That we have seen shege under his nose
We have fought many battles
Chukwu Okike never sleeps nor slumbers.

Time heals all wounds
From this deep scars
Forgiveness a heavenly order,
In love and unity,
We shall rebuild the broken walls,
Good night uncle.