A Call to serve a nation
Under the scorching sun
and in a mocking rain,
Hunger slaps their faces
They starve and serve.

Though established for national
unity and integration,
But the fate of youths undefined
Coordinators and staff smile
The clarion call is of national importance
But their welfare weeps for ages.

The national integration breathes
phobia and disunity,
Religious acrimony bites hard
Tribalism checkmates the system
Where is our hope?
Unity in disunity.

Souls sacrificed in seasons
Parents in pains and agony
Their saviours sacrificed
What a clarion call!

Graduates harvested in seasons
But unemployment mocks them
They hope for a better future
Where leaders are looters,
Jobs decided by godfathers
Our hope roasted for decades.

We await a coming saviour
Like the Pharisees and Sadducees
Who will wipe our gummy tears?
Legs migrate for greener pastures
But no emigrants.