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TomCollinsAndCo: When in Melbourne — sit in the shade of the Joseph Furphy Memorial Tree, planted 2 October 1942.

UWALibrary: New Australian literature display in Reid Library til end of Jan includes works by Joseph Furphy (aka Tom Collins), incl. novel 'Such Is Life', a fictional account of the life of rural dwellers, squatters and itinerant travellers, in southern NSW and Victoria during the 1880s.

DouginCanberra: Novels: Brian Doyle - Mink River: A Novel a wonderful account of a small town on the Pacific coast of Oregon with an outstanding philosophical crow. Joseph Furphy - Such is Life & HFM Prescott The Man on a Donkey - classics why didn't I read them before?

TomCollinsAndCo: Another instalment of my long-lived project on the textual histories of Joseph Furphy's Such is Life has been published in the Journal of Australian Studies:

Imresal: Cancel Henry Lawson (never asked hard questions), Joseph Furphy, Steele Rudd, Banjo Patterson, Roy Rene, George Johnston, Paul Hogan, Barry Humphries (already done), Austen Tayshus (ditto)....

NORTHTRENTON: Happy Birthday to Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar (d. 1891), Louis-Olivier Taillon (d. 1923), Joseph Furphy (d. 1912), Henry Walters (d. 1931), Ivan Pavlov (d. 1936), Mary Russell A.K.A. Duchess of Bedford (d. 1937), Winsor McCay (d. 1934) and Komitas (d. 1935).

daggyvamp: In my latest blog post I talk about reading Joseph Furphy's Such is Life and discovering the queerness in it.

dave_petr: Standard Ebooks has released a new title. Such is Life, by Joseph Furphy

daggyvamp: My Library: Such is Life by Joseph Furphy

TomCollinsAndCo: Twain often gets this accolade, but he didn't type the "book" himself, right? Can any author challenge the Australian Joseph Furphy who, in 1897-8, typed Such is Life in a skillion he built alongside his Shepparton home? Genuinely interested in answers.

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You only saw your future bigly planned,
And we, the tapering paths of our own mind,
And in each others dearest ways we stand,
And hiss and hate. And the blind fight the blind.

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