Who is Joseph Furphy

Joseph FurphyBorn26 September 1843
Yering, Victoria, AustraliaDied13 September 1912
Claremont, Western AustraliaPen nameTom CollinsOccupationAutho...
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Joseph Furphy Poems

  • The Bullfrog Bell
    Now the truce of night brings respite to the sordid care of day,
    And in listlessness I pace the river side,
    Where the solitude is wounded by no lighted window's ray;
    But illicit fancy will not be denied ...
  • Finis. Time.
    O Time! Time! Time!
    Thou wondrous mystery!
    Within whose rune and rhyme
    Lies all Man's history ...
  • A Christmas Greeting To K.b.
    While changing Seasons run their course,
    Controlled and guided from above,
    It is thy part to re-enforce
    The broadening stream of Light and Love....
  • Birthday Lines For K.b.
    Life is a Poem, short or long,
    A dismal Dirge, or jovial Song,
    A Psalm of faith, or Lay of Pride,
    One stanza by each year supplied. ...
  • Autograph Verses
    'Prove what Life can give of gladness;
    Seek for aught that merits trust â??
    All thy mirth will turn to sadness,
    All thy bliss to cold disgust. ...
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Life 11 Never 10 Long 9 Thought 8 Time 8 Love 7 Mind 7 Good 7 Great 7 I Love You 7

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  • Sydneyunipress: joseph furphy wrote 'such is life' from his home in shepparton, nsw. in 1947 a commemorative tablet was affixed to a tree that he had planted there. read about this australian literary classic in 'the life of such is life'
  • Sydneyunipress: figures 5.3 & 5.4, covers of 'such is life' by tom collins (aka joseph furphy), published in 1937 & 1944, from our new book, 'the life of such is life: a cultural history of an australian classic' by roger osborne. read more:
  • Sydneyunipress: figure 2.2 joseph furphy’s new franklin typewriter, tom collins house, perth, from our new book, the life of such is life: a cultural history of an australian classic by roger osborne. read more:
  • Sydneyunipress: since its publication in 1903, joseph furphy’s such is life has become established as an australian classic. but which version of the novel is the authoritative text, and what does its history reveal about australian cultural life? read more at
  • Patrick95681838: "the inner outback is a pastoral oligarchy moderated by a wax match" - joseph furphy
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