Wor yo ivver at Horton Tide?
It wor thear 'at aw won mi bride;
An the joy o' mi life,
Is mi dear little wife,
An we've three little childer beside.

Aw wor donn'd in a new suit o'clooas,
A cigar wor stuck under mi nooas,
Aw set aght for a spree,
An some frolics to see,
Full o' fun throo mi heead to mi tooas.

Aw met Lijah an Amos, an Bill,
An ov coorse wi' each one aw'd a gill;
Till aw felt rayther mazy,
But net at all crazy,
For aw didn't goa in for mi fill.

As a lad aw'd been bashful an shy,
An aw blushed if a woman went by,
But this day bi gooid luck,
Aw felt chock full o' pluck,
Soa to leet on aw sattled to try.

As aw wandered abaat along th' street,
Who, ov all i' this world should aw meet!
But Mary o' Jooas,
Lukkin red as a rooas,
A'a! but shoo wor bonny an sweet.

Aw nodded an walked bi her side,
To mak misen pleasant aw tried,
But shoo smiled as shoo sed,
'Aw wor wrang i' mi heead,'
An aw'm sewer aw dooan't think 'at shoo lied.

Then aw bowt her some parkin an spice,
An owt else 'at shoo fancied lukt nice,
Then we tuk a short walk,
An we had a long tawk;
Then aw axt if shoo thowt we should splice.

What happen'd at after yo'll guess, -
It wor heaven to me, an nowt less; -
For aw left Horton Tide,
Wi' a promised fair bride,
Soa mi frolic wor craand wi' success.

For shoo's one i' ten thaasand yo see;
An shoo shows 'at shoo's suited wi' me,
An yo chaps 'at want wives
'At will gladden yer lives,
Up at Horton yo'll find 'em to be.