The Corn Song Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Heap high the farmer's wintry hoardA
Heap high the golden cornB
No richer gift has Autumn pouredA
From out her lavish hornB
Let other lands exulting gleanC
The apple from the pineD
The orange from its glossy greenC
The cluster from the vineD
We better love the hardy giftE
Our rugged vales bestowF
To cheer us when the storm shall driftE
Our harvest fields with snowF
Through vales of grass and meads of flowersG
Our plows their furrows madeH
While on the hills the sun and showersG
Of changeful April playedH
We dropped the seed o'er hill and plainI
Beneath the sun of MayJ
And frightened from our sprouting grainI
The robber crows awayJ
All through the long bright days of JuneK
Its leaves grew green andL
fair And waved in hot midsummer's noonK
Its soft and yellow hairM
And now with Autumn's moonlit evesN
Its harvest time has comeO
We pluck away the frosted leavesN
And bear the treasure homeP
Then shame on all the proud and vainI
Whose folly laughs to scornB
The blessing of our hardy grainI
Our wealth of golden cornB
Let earth withhold her goodly rootQ
Let mildew blight the ryeR
Give to the worm the orchard's fruitQ
The wheat field to the flyR
But let the good old crop adornB
The hills our fathers trodS
Still let us for his golden cornB
Send up our thanks to GodS

John Greenleaf Whittier


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