At Evening's Hush Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Now pipe no more glad ShepherdA
Your joys from this fair hillB
Through golden eves and stillB
There sounds from yon dense quarryC
A burden harsh and sorryC
No piping now poor ShepherdA
Men strive with violent handD
And anger stirs the blandD
Blithe heaven that ne'er yet trembledE
Save with great spirits assembledE
No more no more sad ShepherdA
Let thy bright fingers strayF
Idly in the old wayF
No more their nimble glancingG
Set gleeful spirits a dancingG
Put by thy pipe O ShepherdA
There needs no note of thineH
For men deaf undivineH
And lest brute hands should take itI
O sorrowful Shepherd break itI

John Frederick Freeman


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