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  • Happy Is England Now
    There is not anything more wonderful
    Than a great people moving towards the deep
    Of an unguessed and unfeared future; nor
    Is aught so dear of all held dear before ...
  • You That Were
    You that were
    Half my life ere life was mine;
    You that on my shape the sign
    Set of yours; ...
  • The Slaves
    The tall slaves bow if that capricious King
    But glances as he passes;
    Their dark hoods drawing over abashed faces
    They bow humbly, unappealingly. ...
  • Inevitable Change
    Young as the Spring seemed life when she
    Came from her silent East to me;
    Unquiet as Autumn was my breast
    When she declined into her West. ...
  • Perversities Ii
    Yet when I am alone my eyes say, Come.
    My hands cannot be still.
    In that first moment all my senses ache,
    Cells, that were empty fill, ...
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The Song Of The Soldier-Born
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Give me the scorn of the stars and a peak defiant;
Wail of the pines and a wind with the shout of a giant;
Night and a trail unknown and a heart reliant.

Give me to live and love in the old, bold fashion;
A soldier's billet at night and a soldier's ration;
A heart that leaps to the fight with a soldier's passion.


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