Redemption: Blood And Water Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


how much is your life worthA
your body does not belong to your spiritB
it's a body roaming to an endless tormentsC
a body soon to be consumed by termitesD
you may have the will to be it's ownerE
but when death comes to seek for itF
there is no protection security for itF
you don't even know how it was createdG
why claim what you don't own a creditB
you don't even know how it came to beH
why stride on the rites of sanity checkI
for blood water wears no uniformityH
of any kind longing for acceptance hereJ
you own no part have no idea of anythingK
yet you puff off the redemption of liesL
when souls spirits cut corners to existM
they become more of fragments to safetyH
unread unsaid to any carnality of realmsN
we're marked for desserted destructionsN
in the midst of doctrinal forces wearingK
fake absorption of the song of the worldO
if Christ is to come Satan is at lost hereJ
if Satan has no problem wearing the sameP
thoughts of men like the rising morning tideQ
heaven will unravel the mysteries of heavenR
they said Hellfire is cold God is fire consuming Satan is Evil God is goodS
the congregation shouted of redemptionR
with blood water like that of old ExodusN
blood for blood eye for an eyes but I don'tT
know how I retraced my steps backwardU
here i am alone looking up in the skyV
i need a saviour I need a miracle of mindW
to purge out these forms of identitiesN
i don't even know how my ideology gotX
here but I know it was that day I started questioning life was the day my eyesN
opened like that of Adam Eve afterE
they ate the Apple in the gardenR
i don't care if you don't read this butB
your children will study it in days to comeY
John Chizoba VincentZ

John Chizoba Vincent
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 09/25/2019


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